20 Tips for Healthy Hair

20 suggestions for healthy hair; 20 suggestions you need to know about your hair, from conditioner to haircut, from hair color to the stylers you use, and to achieve the hair you dream.

1. Very dry hair – Don’t wash your hair everyday!

20 Tips for Healthy Hair

Distribute the shampoo only with your hands to the roots of wet hair and gently feed. Shampoo, which will thin out while rinsing, is enough to clean the hair. Thus, you will prevent your hair from drying out a little more. This is a different routine for different hair types, but whether you have fine straight hair, tight curly hair, or loosely curly hair, washing your hair normally every day will strip your hair of its natural oils and replace it with a product. It can build up, leaving hair unkempt and irritating to the scalp. No, thanks! For straight, fine hair, we recommend washing your hair every other day. Fine hair is more oily than thick or curly hair, so if you don’t wash it for more than a few days, it will release oil. If you have thick hair, wash it once or twice a week. Thick hair hides sebum better than thin hair. If it doesn’t feel greasy, take a break and postpone washing. If you have wavy or loose curls, wash 2-3 times a week. It is important to maintain that defined volume without weighing your hair down with product build-up from excessive shampooing. Also, if your hair is very curly, wash it once or twice a week. It’s important to keep your hair strong and hydrated without stripping it of its natural oils.

2.Use moisturizing conditioner for hair tips

Use moisturizing conditioner for hair tips

It is important not to be absorbed in the conditioner, but to use regularly. To confine the water and reduce the shrinkage. Depending on the length of the hair, the conditioner is about 1/4 size. More or less, gently massage the edge of the hair, depending on the length of the hair. Conditioning the hairline and the root of the hair can lead to greasy and product accumulation, so it is important to leave the conditioner at the end and avoid the upper part of the scalp.

3. Two in one

These products both wash and care. They are practical, but not suitable for everyday use. Because most of these products contain silicone oil. First they make the hair soft. But in the long run, they can accumulate on the surface of the hair strands and make the hair heavier. Only once a week Use 1 time.Rinse with warm water You cannot clog your cashmere sweater with hot water. Since our hair is equally sensitive, they do not like very hot water. Warm water is ideal to prevent damage to the hair. Even those who succeed should wash their hair with cold water. Cold water gives the hair a perfect shine.

5. Best blow dry strategy

Carefully separate hair after washing. Dry from the front with a heated towel. Set the blow dryer to the lowest setting and blow dry the hair until it is completely dry without too much mixing. Then turn the blow dryer to higher heat and start styling with a round brush. Keep the blow dryer at least 15 cm away from your hair.

6. Be gentle

Wet hair is slightly swollen. Therefore, they can break quickly. For combing, use a handmade comb with split teeth, rubber or wood if possible. Do not prefer cheap plastic combs.

7. Are you too stressed?

If you massage your head while washing your hair, you will activate your happiness hormones. Massage from the temples to the roots of the hair by drawing circles with your fingertips. From there, go down to the ears again. Then continue towards your neck. Take a deep breath while doing these. give. Forget the prejudices Forget the fairy tales that oily hair gets greasy faster when they are washed every day. If you feel more well-groomed, you can take a shower every day. The important thing is to use a mild shampoo. Do not leave the shampoo in your hair and wash it immediately.

9. Use a deep conditioner

20 Tips for Healthy Hair

Employing a protein-based profound conditioner once a month makes a difference to recuperate and reestablish your hair whereas including additional protein and dampness. Profound conditioning can be fun since there are so many simple DIYs you’ll do by yourself or with companions!

10. Very fine hair

Fine hair cannot handle oily products. It is best to apply a moisturizing spray to damp (or dry) hair. The spray prevents the build-up of static electricity and the ‘flying’ of hair strands.

11. Holiday care

If your hair is not in shape while on holiday, this may be due to the mineral content of the water in your area. For a solution, rinse your hair with drinking water after washing it.

12. Protection and repair

Products containing lipids and ceramides, such as omega-6 building acids, prevent hair breakage. Because these substances fill the cracks in the hair fibers and protect them against the heat from the blow dryer. They make the hair cures soft. But which one to use?

13.Lose the heat

20 Tips for Healthy Hair

Warm harm may be a common cause of undesirable hair. In spite of the fact that we all adore to blow dry, twist or rectify our hair each once in a whereas, it’s vital to dodge in your day by day schedule. I attempt to constrain my warm utilization to once a week, for ends of the week or evenings out, and after cutting down on my usage, I’ve seen such a distinction within the wellbeing of my hair. 

14. Hair masks

Masks penetrate the hair better, especially in hot environments. Ideally, apply the curing mask to your dampened hair with a towel and apply it in thin bundles. Then, heat your hair with a hot blow dryer and wrap your head with an aluminum foil, and then a heated towel on top of it. wrap it with a towel. Wait for it to take effect for at least half an hour. Another very effective method is to apply a hair mask in a steamy environment .

15. Yellow, red or brown

You can extend the life of the dye with special care products. During washing, the color pigments in the hair are refreshed thanks to the ingredients in the care cures or styling products.

16. For a quick cure

If your hair is long and the cures take a lot of time, it’s no longer a problem! When you apply quick cures containing pearl protein, you do not need to wash your hair. It makes your hair shiny like silk.

17. Congenitally strong and thick hair

This type of hair is like a dream when they take shape. But they do not want to take shape and are rebellious. With the right strategy, you can dominate them:

a) Don’t wash it every day, 1-2 times a mistake is enough.

b) Apply conditioner after each wash and apply a mask every four washes.How is wax used?

The folded cut, which is usually shaped with a blow dryer, starts to sag again because of the applied wax. Here is a method against this oil crisis: First, spray your hair, wait for it to dry a little, then apply wax to the ends. It will be perfect.

18.Brush from the bottom-up

20 Tips for Healthy Hair

There’s a rectify way to brush your hair? Yes! Brushing from the foot up, meaning beginning at your tips to expel tangles and after that brushing from the scalp makes a difference to avoid hair breakage, frizziness, and guarantees indeed conveyance of your hair’s common oils. 

19. Put your hair in loose braids before bed

20 Tips for Healthy Hair

Investigate appears that braiding your hair some time recently bed makes a difference to bolt in dampness, whereas the dampness that would be misplaced within the discuss or within the fabric of your pad really gets caught within the covering strands of your hair. Loosely braiding too makes a difference to avoid breakage and frizziness, and if you’ve got more slender, straighter hair, clears out you with dazzling delicate waves within the morning that are simple to care for and style. 

20. Hairspray and shine

Do not spray the spray from top to bottom to create an aeration effect. Otherwise, your hair will become heavy and your hair will become flat. Instead, lift the hair in curls with your hands a little and spray the spray from the bottom up. On long hair: Throw head back and shake your hair lightly as the spray cloud drops down.