Causes and Harms of Oversleeping

Lifestyle of people Sleep is as important as eating and drinking water. Sleep is a necessary and indispensable need for human beings. How many hours we sleep a day is very important in order to maintain our daily life in a healthy and productive way. Getting enough sleep helps us to start the day more vigorously. Naturally, it allows us to spend the day more energetic and productive. Studies show that sleeping between 6-8 hours is sufficient for people. Of course, it is important not only the duration of sleep, but also the quality of sleep.

Sleeping in sufficient quantity has many benefits for human beings as well as not getting enough sleep also has its disadvantages. Not getting enough sleep causes nervous breakdown, distraction, especially forgetfulness, not being able to think clearly and various internal problems. Not only sleeping less, but also sleeping too much has serious harms.

Causes of Oversleeping

Although the duration of sleep varies from person to person, under normal conditions, a person’s need for sleep It is between 6-8. The depressed person sleeps excessively and does not want to wake up. This excessive desire to sleep also makes the person more depressed. Trying to regulate the sleeping hours first will help the person to get rid of depression. The important point here is that besides sleeping too much, there are other symptoms of depression. If there are other symptoms of depression, you should definitely get support from a specialist doctor. Sleep Apnea is also a serious medical condition that causes too much sleep and requires a doctor’s consultation. People with Sleep Apnea often have poor quality sleep. When this is the case, the person does not get out of bed rested. For this reason, he needs constant sleep throughout the day. Sleep Apnea is diagnosed and treated after various tests under the control of a doctor.

Another important reason for sleeping too much is alcohol and smoking. There is a misconception among people that alcohol, in particular, makes it easier to sleep. Alcohol does not provide a quality sleep as it is thought, and you feel the need to sleep constantly, as it gives a feeling of constant insomnia. For a healthier sleep pattern, you should reduce the use of alcohol and cigarettes or quit altogether. In addition to alcohol and cigarettes, the use of addictive drugs is also among the causes of excessive sleep.

The environment you sleep in is one of the reasons for oversleeping. The environment you sleep in is directly related to a high quality sleep and sleep duration. It is seen that people who sleep on a sofa in front of the TV have a very unproductive sleep and therefore they want to sleep more because they cannot get enough sleep. Therefore, for a healthier sleep, you should definitely prefer to sleep in your own room and in your bed. It is important for a healthy sleep that the bed you sleep in is comfortable and your sheets, duvets and pillowcases are clean. That’s why you should definitely change and wash your covers regularly. You should take care that your bedroom is clean and ventilated. Damp and stuffy rooms cause you to sleep excessively. In addition, you need to adjust the temperature of your bedroom well. Because a very hot and very cold room can also cause you to sleep too much.

When you program this biological clock according to yourself, that is, if you go to sleep at the same time every day and wake up at the same time every day, you will not have a problem of sleeping too much. In order to do this, you will need to plan and program your day correctly. Sleep, which is a medical illness, can also be caused by some medications, especially used by people with depression problems. When the problem of depression is solved, the problem of excessive sleeping will also disappear. Another reason for oversleeping may be the narcolepsy problem of the person. Narcolepsy is the involuntary falling into a deep sleep where one is involuntarily. In this disease, the brain cannot regulate the cycle between sleep and awakening, so the person wants to sleep all the time.

Chronic fatigue syndrome can also cause oversleeping. Some people still feel tired and exhausted, no matter how much they rest during the day. This syndrome, the cause of which is unknown, causes the person to sleep constantly. People who are not tired enough or do not move enough during the day are difficult to fall asleep. It is difficult to fall asleep and they do not fall asleep easily. For this reason, if you do not feel ready to sleep enough before going to sleep, you should definitely do small exercise movements. For example; like push-ups, sit-ups. These little exercises will help you sleep more comfortably.

The Harms of Oversleeping

It is a scientific fact that sleep is a necessary need for human health. But can too much sleep be harmful? The question may make many people think. However, as sleeping does not rest the body more, on the contrary, it has a lot of harm to the body. So what are these harms? Excess sleep increases the risk of diabetes and obesity in humans. Studies have shown that people who sleep more than 9 or 10 hours have a 21 percent higher risk of developing obesity. People who sleep more than 8 hours have a higher chance of developing diabetes since their glucose tolerance is 2 times higher than those who sleep less.

Excess sleep causes depression. Longer sleepers are at greater risk of depression than those who sleep less. If the person already has depression, it causes the disease to worsen. Unhealthy sleep patterns are among the causes of premature death. Excess sleep causes very serious headaches. The reason for this is that excessive sleep has a negative effect on the nerve endings in the brain and causes unbearable headaches. Another important harm is that it causes back and waist pain. People stay motionless because they sleep for a long time. This long-term inactivity causes musculoskeletal diseases in the person.

Excessive sleep causes brain functions to work less. The brains of people who sleep too much become more dysfunctional over time. This is a situation that occurs not only in those who sleep a lot, but also in those who sleep less than necessary. Sleeping too much causes you to gain weight because it changes their eating habits. Because the body of people who sleep too much, their resistance to insulin decreases. In addition, since the functioning of the metabolism is disrupted, the person begins to gain weight unintentionally. Excess sleep also damages the heart. Those who sleep more than 8 hours have a very high rate of heart attack and other heart diseases. In addition, people who sleep too much experience the negative effects of this situation throughout their lives.

This, in turn, returns to the person as the reasons that shorten the life span. If you also feel tired when you sleep for hours and wake up, if you tend to sleep all day long, there is a problem. In addition, if you have symptoms of depression, you should definitely consult a doctor. People who sleep a lot should definitely have neurological controls. It should not be forgotten that sleeping too much can also be caused by problems in the brain and nervous system. Apart from this, it is normal for pregnant women to have a long sleep time. Because the changes in hormones and body rhythm during pregnancy cause them to sleep too much and also to be constantly tired. Since this is a natural process, it does not require any treatment.