Causes and Treatment of Itching

In the public, many people The itching may be short-term due to a disease, or it may be a long-term symptom indicating serious diseases. It can be felt throughout the body or in a certain area, and if it is long-term, it affects the quality of life of the patient negatively.

Discomforts that may cause itching;

One of the most common causes of itching. One is allergies. Today, one out of every three people is allergic to something. These can be strong foods such as strawberries, cherries, melons, watermelons, seafood, chocolate, mustard, nickel jewelry, perfume, soap, cosmetics or simply a rubber glove. If the patient is allergic to any of these, he may complain of itching upon contact with them. If there are such complaints, the best thing to do is to consult a doctor, find the cause of the allergy, and stay away from these reasons. It is necessary to keep the skin moist and to use anti-allergic products in order to relieve itching and the accompanying redness.

Another condition that can cause itching after allergies is exposure to the sun.

The person who detects that he is allergic to the sun should avoid direct exposure to the sun and use high factor sunscreen when necessary. More serious causes of itching are skin diseases and infections. Diseases such as fungus, scabies, lice, hives, eczema expose the patient to severe itching. The most common of these is hives, which causes large red blisters on the body and causes a strong itching. Hives can be seen in two types; acute hives and chronic hives. Acute urticaria is a short-term complaint and its cause is insect bites, flu, colds, etc. it could be. Chronic hives are directly related to the immune system and can last up to 6 weeks. The patient who realizes that he has a skin disease in this way should immediately consult a specialist.

If there is an itching throughout the body, it may be due to an internal disease. Liver diseases, chronic kidney diseases, anemia, celiac disease cause itching in the body. The body may also react to a drug used as a result of a disease, and in such cases, itching may occur. In such cases, it will be useful to consult a doctor and learn about alternative medicines.

What can be done to soothe itching;

Discomfort, allergy, etc. that may cause itching. The person who has allergies should definitely use anti-allergic products. Cotton clothes should be preferred in general. The skin should be kept moist all the time with anti-allergic products.Washing the itchy area with warm water may be a short-term solution. Again, it should not be for a long time with warm water and should not exceed 2 times a week. Syndet products should be used instead of soap for cleaning. Care should be taken not to allow substances such as cologne, powder, or perfume to come into contact with the body. Applying chamomile tea to the itchy area can provide relief. Chamomile, which has an analgesic effect, helps the itchy area to heal faster. Applying fresh basil leaves to the itching area due to conditions such as inflammation and insect bites also has a relaxing effect.