Causes and Treatment of Vaginal Fungus

If we need to explain local allergens, we can show pads, microbes in swimming pool & sea, public toilets, perfumes and perfumed/colored toilet papers.

Easy to treat vaginal fungus It is a responsive disease, but if it becomes chronic, unfortunately, it causes sexual and psychological problems.

The most common symptoms of this infection include itch, which intensifies at night and increases with the effect of heat. There may not always be a flow. In cases where there is a discharge, its appearance resembles a milk cut and does not have an odor. If there is a dark and smelly discharge, it can be said that there is another infection.

Causes and Treatment of Vaginal Fungus

Basic recommendations to prevent this disease:

Using condoms during sexual intercourse

After washing underwear at high temperatures then ironing

Using cotton underwear

Not wearing very tight & tight clothes

Irritating to genital area not to apply substances (perfume etc.)

Not to wash the genital (internal and external) area with soap, to clean with water only

To undergo regular gynecological examination (every 6 months) )

To clean after toilet from front to back

In the treatment of vaginal fungus, antibiotics, antifungal pills and suppositories used in certain periods are generally recommended.

In case of vaginal yeast infection, support from a specialist should definitely be sought.

If we talk about some other natural treatment methods:


Yogurt contains plenty of lactobacilli that protect the vaginal ecosystem. For this reason, consuming yogurt and drinking the juice of yogurt are among the things to be done for both treatment and prevention.

Lavender Oil

A few drops of lavender oil can be dropped into the bath tub. Thus, it will help to clear the inflammation in the area. It is very important not to do this in every bath, otherwise it will cause the loss of beneficial bacteria.

Parsley Juice

It should be consumed while hot after boiling a few sprigs of parsley with its stem. There is no harm in drinking 1-2 glasses a day.


Garlic, which forms a circle of protection against many diseases, is also used in the treatment of vaginal fungus. Dr. James Duke’s method is as follows: After peeling a clove of garlic, it should be wrapped in a clean gauze cloth and a piece of the end should be left to create a kind of buffer. It was seen that the infection was cured when this tampon was renewed for 6 nights and placed inside the vagina.