Choose how to dress mini dresses to hide the belly!

No matter how much you diet, the fat in certain parts of your body does not go away easily. Most of us women have belly problem all the time. However, the solution to this problem lies in making the right choices in your clothes. So how to dress to camouflage the belly? Which parts should I use? Here are dressing tips for those who have trouble with their belly…

Prefer mini dresses

Choose loose-fitting mini dresses. These pieces will also help you hide the excess in your abdominal area by paying attention to your legs.

Stay away from low waist

Low waist fashion has started to show itself again gradually. But be you, stay away from this fashion if you have excesses in your abdominal area.

Loose shirts and t-shirts

If your legs are weaker than your abdominal area, pay attention to the bottom. It will give you a good view. The simplest way to do this is to choose skinny jeans and loose t-shirts. Also, make sure the t-shirts are plain colored. In addition to loose t-shirts, boyfriend shirts are one of the most effective ways to hide the navel.

Use dark colors

Dark colors always help to hide excess, as everyone knows. However, wearing black also causes you to have a rather boring style. Use dark colored pieces on the top and use colors on the bottom. You can choose colorful skirts, trousers, shoes, and make your dark clothes lively with lots of jewelry.