Does genital surgery affect sexual life, experts explain!

“Genital surgery is among the most preferred operations of recent years. One of the most curious about the subject is whether genital surgery affects sexual life. Gynecologist, Sex Therapist, Genital Aesthetics Specialist, It explains this question and other questions about genital surgery.”

Sexual satisfaction increases by 80-85 percent

Researches show that people who prefer one of the common types of genital aesthetics such as labiaplasty showed that women were generally satisfied with the results. While the overall satisfaction rate for women is 90-95%, post-operative sexual satisfaction increases by 80-85%. Since before and after sharing on social media is not possible in genital plastic surgery, patients mostly prefer physicians with social media advertisements and recommendations. This can result in wrong choices.

The patient’s condition should be suitable psychologically

My advice to you is to always seek professional advice. Since both emotional and physical risks can be very high in genital plastic surgery, it is very important to seek advice from a trusted, professional person before attempting such an attempt.

In addition to other surgeries, standard bleeding, infection and wound healing problems may occur in labiaplasty. When considering any genital aesthetic surgery, the patient should see a ‘certified surgeon’ and get very good advice, the necessity of this surgery, its risks and the procedure should be discussed in detail. Psychologically, the patient’s condition should be appropriate. Being dissatisfied with his body creates a difficult area for surgeons, who are obsessed with plastic surgery. For this, the patient and the surgeon should talk in detail and come to an agreement. Therefore, the patient should know what to expect and then maintain the connection with the surgeon.

 Sexuality and self-confidence: Does genital aesthetic procedures help?

Today, many genital cosmetic interventions and improvements have become an option for both men and women who are not satisfied with their genital areas for some reason.

What kind of updates are available in the field of genital aesthetics and why do we choose them?

Is it possible to improve our sense of self-confidence and happiness?

We address these questions and present what you should keep in mind before going under the knife about all surgical and non-surgical procedures regarding genital aesthetics:

– While the aesthetic surgical approach to the genital area can be sectional, it may include more than one region.

– Labiaplasty (labiums) is divided into two as outer and inner lips.

– Different tissue and labia in the structure a aesthetic intervention; It is done when one of the labia is longer, or when both of them are lengthened and excessively pulled, making sexuality and other feminine activities comfortable and painful. The image can also make you unhappy.

Surgical techniques such as radiofrequency laser surgery

can also be preferred as vaginoplasty surgery. Recently, the G-shot is of great interest in the infection process, which has been called O-shot and has been shown to increase sexual satisfaction in women. are the interventions in which it is injected.

– In G-shot, the same process is performed by detecting the G spot.

– In addition, cosmetically, bleaching, tightening and filling applications are also preferred procedures.

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