How to Choose a Foundation?

The first rule for your make-up to be successful is to prepare a suitable ground for it. You can prepare this floor only with a foundation suitable for your skin. After applying a foundation chosen according to your skin type and color correctly, there is not much detail left. You can get a healthy and beautiful-looking face without making a detailed make-up with minor touch-ups.

How to Choose a Foundation?
How to Choose a Foundation?

You should act according to the undertone of your skin while determining the foundation color. If you are a white-skinned woman, it is an important factor whether your undertone is pink or not. Likewise, if you have dark skin, it should be determined whether there is yellowness in the undertones. Thus, you can choose the product that will give a more soothing and correct image. You should get professional support while making this choice. You can get this support from a make-up artist or from beauticians in cosmetics stores. If you are in a store where more than one product is sold, you may need to be more careful because in such stores, every specialist can keep you away from other brands as they are focused on selling the product of the brand they are in charge of.If possible, reduce 2-3 types of foundation alternatives that are suitable for you and try them on the lower part of your face, on the part towards your chin. Thus, you will find the color that suits your face, and you will avoid the mask image as there will be no difference with your neck. Before deciding on the most suitable alternative, apply it all over your face and if you have time, spend half an hour before you buy it. Look at how your skin handles the product.

If you have dry skin, definitely choose a product with moisturizing properties. Otherwise, it may cause unnecessary spills on your skin.

If you have oily skin, choose a product with a moisture-balancing feature. Otherwise, your face, which looks quite fresh in the morning, starts to shine later in the day and you may have to supplement with powder. causes aging and some skin diseases. This also applies to the winter season. If you use a product with a protective feature, you can also provide protection while beautifying your skin.

How to Choose a Foundation?

If we take a look at the types of foundations based on their bases;

Oil-based foundations; It is a product group that has an oily consistency.

It has a high moisturizing effect thanks to the various vegetable and mineral oils or lanolin it contains. Its consistency is thicker than other foundations. They usually have a creamy texture. Since they are oil-based, they are quite permanent.

Water-based foundations; are products that contain less oil and more water than oil-based products. It is suitable for use for dry and normal skin. The amount of oil in its content is small, but even this amount can cause problems for oily skin. It is a liquid form product that makes the skin look very bright.

Powder-based foundations; they are products with a compressed powder structure. Those with normal to low oily skin can easily use it. They make the skin matte. Although it looks like a cream when using the product, they gain a powdery appearance when applied to the face.

Oil-free foundations; are suitable for acne-prone and/or oily skin. They do not contain oil, but also have mattifying effects.

Waterless foundations; are products used mostly for special make-up.

It should be removed with special make-up removers.

If you pay attention to use a make-up sponge or brush, depending on the type of foundation, you can achieve a more successful application.