How to Choose and Slice Pineapple

Pineapple is one of the leading aromatic and delicious exotic fruits. Although it seemed inaccessible until a few years ago, it is now sold on market shelves at almost affordable prices. In addition, it is possible to see pineapple sales in markets and grocery sections. Although the difference is not clear at first glance, there are of course a few simple tricks to choosing a delicious pineapple.

If you are going to buy peeled and packaged pineapples, which is an application especially made in the markets, do not prefer to buy ready-made pineapples if possible. Choose your own pineapple and ask it to be peeled and sliced.

The outer surface of the pineapple has a very thick peel with large pores. The first thing to look for when buying a pineapple should be the pores in its peel. The pores in the peel of a fresh pineapple are almost the same size and width. This indicates that the pineapple has developed sufficiently and is fresh. Therefore, if you smell a very intense pineapple from the pineapple you have chosen, it is probably a very ripe pineapple or it is about to pass through. When choosing a fresh pineapple, you should make sure that it has a sweet smell and fresh green leaves. If you feel that the bottom of the pineapple is soft when you touch it, this is a sign that it is ripe. . Of course, you should take care that there is not much softening. If the green leaves on the pineapple break easily when you touch it, this is a sign that it is ripe.

Pineapple How to Peel and How to Slice?

First of all, thinly cut the upper part of the pineapple where the green leaves are. Then apply the same process to the underside of the pineapple and make it a flat surface. Thus, the bottom and top of the pineapple. You will get a flat pineapple with curved edges. You can cut the curved edges of the pineapple in thin and flat movements from top to bottom to remove the peel. In this way, you will have 4 separate slices. The part in the middle of the pineapple is not very tasty. That’s why you can cut the middle part on the upper part of the slices you have obtained with a thin movement.