How to Flow Hair Dye?

Suddenly You decided to go to your hairdresser to have your hair dyed a color you have never used before. Nice welcome, hair dyed, coffee drank while waiting, hair washed, dried, blow dried and surprise! It’s not you, there’s someone else in the mirror. Your hairdresser said, “That’s fine, the color hasn’t settled down yet, we’ve painted it a completely different color, you need time for your eyes to get used to it” and you set off for your home. You feel unrecognizable and this color has never made you happy. You took a few days to get used to it, but it’s not likely to happen.

Perhaps you bought ready-made paint sets of different colors that you see in cosmetic markets and decided to do something crazy. The hair was combed, gloves were put on, the dye and oxidant cream were mixed well and your hair met the dye. When you look in the mirror after washing and drying, the result was not what you expected. This image does not belong to you and the hair color that looks great on the mannequin in the box had the opposite effect on you.

For some colors, the situation can be saved by dyeing again without any dye spillage, but in some cases, the dye must say goodbye to the hair and prepare you for a new dye. There are some chemical processes you can apply for this. Although it does not give results as fast as chemical processes, you can also prefer natural methods with a little patience. If you apply the natural methods you use regularly, it will make the dye flow faster over time.

Wash your hair with hot water

Hot water is one of the factors that allows the dye to separate from the hair faster. Of course, it is useful to keep the temperature of the water at a setting that will not hurt you or harm yourself. Always use hot water for every wash.

Wash your hair often as of the day you dye it

Another method as effective as washing your hair with hot water is to wash it frequently. Especially if you wash it every day for a while from the day you dye it, it will be more comfortable for the dye to flow before it is fully seated on your hair.

Stay away from grape vinegar

 If you use vinegar water during the rinsing phase while washing your hair to make your hair brighter, get rid of dandruff and clean the scalp, take a break after dyeing.

If you continue to use vinegar water, you will help the paint stay on your hair, let alone run it.

Stay away from products specific to colored hair

Shampoos, conditioners and masks produced for colored hair have the effect of delaying the flow of paint. For this reason, avoid products specific to dyed hair while washing and maintaining your hair.

Prefer special shampoos for dandruff hair

Use shampoos and conditioners from brands you know and trust that promise to prevent dandruff. Dandruff shampoos do not have a protective effect on the paint, and they allow the color to flow faster. Don’t expect a miraculous effect when trying to shed the dye, but the dye on your hair, which you regularly wash with dandruff shampoo and rinse with hot water, will shed more quickly.

Use white soap

White soap is known to shed hair dye. For this reason, you can use white soap instead of shampoo when washing your hair. The only thing you need to pay attention to here is that you must moisturize your hair after soaping and rinsing.

For this reason, do not forget to moisturize your hair with cream after washing with white soap.

Use a carbonate mask

Carbonate is a very economical material that can be used to solve some problems related to hair. It is also very easy to prepare the baking soda mask. Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to the shampoo as you would wash your hair and mix it. Then apply it to your damp hair and wait for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with hot water.

The benefits of carbonate to the hair:

Carbonate purifies the dirt accumulated in the roots of the hair and cleans the scalp. It helps to remove excess oil in people with oily hair and scalp. It gives shine to the hair. It prevents the problem of dandruff in the hair. It disinfects your scalp with its antiseptic effect. It is used in making natural shampoos.

Use lemon

Lemon helps hair dye flow, thanks to its acidic content. All you have to do to wash your hair dye using lemon is to take the excess water from your hair after rinsing, squeeze the lemon juice and wait for 30-60 minutes and then rinse it again with hot water.

Use honey

Honey can be a delicious dessert for breakfast, but when you use it as a mask, it will help your dye flow and lighten your hair color. For this, after squeezing the juice of 1 lemon, add 2 tablespoons of honey and 4 tablespoons of olive oil, mix well and apply to your hair. After waiting for 1 hour, rinse thoroughly with hot water.

Use beer

You can also use beer to shed your hair dye and lighten your hair color. For this, after putting the beer in a spray bottle, spray it all over your hair and wet your hair thoroughly. Be careful not to apply too much to your scalp. After waiting for 1 hour, rinse with hot water and shampoo. The beer you will use in this process should be from light colored beers. Be careful not to use dark beers available on the market.

Apply hot olive oil

After heating half a tea glass of olive oil in a bain-marie, apply it to your entire hair and scalp. After waiting for half an hour, rinse with hot water and wash with dandruff shampoo.

Of course, not all the paint will flow after the first application, with regular applications it is possible to shed even the black paint on your hair.

Materials you will need:

10 tablets of vitamin C 2 tablespoons of olive oil Hair conditioner A large mixing bowl Hair coloring brush 

The first thing you need to do is powder the round tablets of vitamin C. You can also use a mortar for this, put it in a bag and then crush it. Take the powdered vitamin C in a large bowl. It is very important that the container is wide, otherwise it will not be very difficult for it to overflow from the container and pollute the environment, as it will swell a lot when the vitamins C and conditioner come together. Squeeze the conditioner on top of the vitamin C slowly and mix. When you add enough mixture to your hair, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and mix it for the last time. Apply this mixture to your entire hair. You can use a paint brush while applying, or you can do it with your hands. The important thing is that you apply it homogeneously to all hair. After the application, wait 45 minutes – 1 hour, rinse your hair with hot water and wash with dandruff shampoo.

If the tone you achieve is sufficient for you, you can dye your hair again the next day. If you need to pour the paint more, you can achieve the desired result after a few applications by applying this method every other day. We recommend that you do not forget to moisturize after washing, as vitamin C will dry the hair a little.

If you do not have the time and patience to spare for all these methods, what you need to do at this point is to get help from your hairdresser and apply a chemical treatment to your hair to drain the dye and lighten the hair color.