How to get a leg with a razor blade, if you shave in the bathtub…

With the development of technology, although most women now prefer epilation to get rid of hair, razor blades are one of the most frequently used methods. It is necessary to pay attention to some points while doing the shaved method, which is an application that is very open to skin irritation. Here are the most common mistakes when shaving…

Using the wrong type of razor

When you buy a razor to remove your hair, say “I’ll use it anyway” and choose the cheapest one. don’t choose. The most affordable ones usually come with a single blade, which doesn’t compare to three blades. The only blades that do not get the hairs as smooth as you want will be a waste of time and money.

Shaving in the tub

Although it is correct to shave during the shower, we cannot say the same for the tub. If you have a tub in your bathroom and you shave after spending a long time in the tub, you may not get the result you expect. A warm bath softens the hair follicles and makes shaving easier. Spending a long time in the tub causes the skin to swell. If you shave when your skin is swollen, you will encounter a skin that is not completely cleaned instead of smooth when the swelling goes down.

Being hasty

We said that the razor is a practical method, but that doesn’t mean we started from where we started. We will finish it in one move until the end. If you do this, you will not be able to prevent injuries, and you will not be able to prevent the points you missed. Therefore, do it piece by piece with short, short movements. You will get a much better result.

Dry shave

You will wear a dress on a hot summer day and you have hair on your legs. You don’t have time to wait to get in the shower to shave. What do you do? You pick up the razor, quickly shave your legs, rinse, and you’re out, right? Please do not do this! Shaving dry skin can cause skin damage, irritation and even sores. On the other hand, you risk cutting your skin while shaving dry.

Not washing before shaving

Although it may seem logical to wet your legs, apply shaving cream and get started, what you should do before that. there is one more thing needed; clean your skin thoroughly. Clean the area to be shaved thoroughly with the help of a soap and proceed to the shaving process. Using a razor without removing the bacteria accumulated on your skin doesn’t sound very healthy, does it?

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