How to Make a Baking Soda Mask?

We will tell you about the existence of a product that is available in almost every kitchen, with a very affordable price and very beneficial for the skin; baking soda. This white powder, which is good for stomachaches and used in many areas in the kitchen from pastries to meatballs, can also be used as a mask for the skin.

It creates a peeling effect on the skin thanks to its carbonate granular structure. This means that your skin is purified from dead skin and becomes brighter, cleaner and healthier. Your skin, which is cleaned of dead skin and dead cells, shines brightly.

If you have blotchy skin, this helps to reduce the blotchy appearance and lighten your skin tone.

Dust and dirt that is present in almost all of us >It is effective in cleaning blackheads.

It is sufficient to apply a baking soda mask once a week, as it can corrode your skin due to its carbonate structure. Otherwise, it may cause irritations on your skin.

Carbonate also prevents the formation of acne on your skin and helps to treat existing acne by drying it in a short time.

Carbonate Mask with Yogurt

1 teaspoon of baking soda
1 teaspoon of yogurt

The preparation of the mask is quite simple. Mix the baking soda and yoghurt thoroughly in a glass bowl. Just as baking soda makes the cake you bake rise, it has the same effect on yogurt and makes the yogurt rise. You can understand that the mask is ready when it reaches the consistency of whipped cream.

Apply the carbonate mask you have prepared all over your face, except around your eyes and lips.

After keeping the mask on your face for 30 minutes, you will see that it dries well.

Peel off the drying mask with gentle movements.

Here is the moment to get rid of your blackheads and dead skin.

It is very important to act according to your skin type when applying a carbonate mask. If you have combination or oily skin, you can easily apply it, but if you have dry and sensitive skin, you should be careful. check to see if you get a reaction. If there is no reaction (such as redness, burning, irritation) after waiting for 15 minutes, you can apply it to your entire face (except around your eyes and lips) and leave it for 10 minutes, then clean it.

Wash the mask residues thoroughly with your cleansing gel and warm water.

Afterwards, do not forget to moisturize your skin, which you wash with plenty of cold water.