How to Open Dyed Hair?

You are so bored with your dark hair, which is fashionable last year, and you want to return to a more natural tone. Maybe you’re trendy and have dyed your hair darker even though you have intense whites and are very unhappy with your whites showing up in a week, and you’ve decided that lighter colors are the right color for you. Now it’s time to dye your hair a lighter color. However, first of all, you need to get rid of the dark dye in your hair.

First of all, it should be noted that you cannot lighten your dyed hair color with a natural method such as chamomile juice. If you already have dyed hair, your hair must be chemically treated to lighten this color, but one method can save you from chemical treatment; Vitamin C

The name of the procedure to be done here; It is pickling.

The methods you can apply to lighten dyed hair:

Hair bleaching with peroxic
Hair bleaching with oryal
Hair bleaching with oxidant cream
Lightening hair with vitamin C

Among these methods, the most harmful one for your hair is bleaching with Oreyal. Because when bleaching hair with Oreal, both oxidant cream and Orealal are used and Oreal is a very strong powder chemical. For this reason, the strongest method that you should stay away from is oreyal. However, if you have reddish-toned hair, there is no stronger method than oreyal to shed the redness of the hair. If you are thinking of bleaching hair with Oryal, do not move without reading our article “How to Open Hair with Oryalle”.

Although peroxide and oxidant cream seem almost the same, there is a serious difference between them. It is less damaging to the hair and scalp than the oxidant cream peroxide. If you are thinking of bleaching your hair with oxidant cream, be sure to read our article titled “How to Open Hair with Oxidant Cream”.

If you are going to lighten your hair with peroxide, you will need to get help from a hair dryer to activate the peroxide. This method is a method that should not be applied for very dark hair. Before bleaching your hair with peroxide, review our article titled “How to Detangle Hair with Peroxide”.

Let’s talk about the method that will make you the happiest, leaving aside the chemical methods; Lightening hair with vitamin C. With this method, you can lighten your hair color without damaging your hair.

Materials you need;

Vitamin C tablet
English carbonate
Shampoo (A non-dyed hair product) it needs to be shampoo)
15-20 drops of nourishing oil (Almond oil, coconut oil, argan oil or hazelnut oil)
Vitamin C ampoule (You can do without it if you don’t have it)

How It is applied

Crush 10 of the vitamin C tablets thoroughly. Mix with half a pack of English baking soda. Vitamin C is an acidic product, while baking soda is a base. Thus, you create the pH balance. Break the vitamin C ampoule on the mixture. Add your shampoo to it and mix it by adding hair care oil. Make this mixture in a deep bowl because it will become quite foamy. Just like hair dye, apply the mixture to your hair with the help of a brush, massage thoroughly. Feed it by doing it and leave it for 1 hour. Then wash your hair. Do not expect a serious lightening the first time, so your black hair will not turn yellow all of a sudden. You will need to apply it several times with 3-4 days intervals. When your hair reaches the desired tone, you can dye it.