How to Remove Makeup?

We take care of every detail and act accordingly. Remember how many times you wiped and reapplied the eyeliner and retouched your eye make-up just because you couldn’t make the tail the way you wanted? There is another more important issue that deserves the same attention; makeup removal. We’ve all had days when we go to sleep without removing our make-up after work or coming from outside late at night. We are sure that it is not very pleasant to wake up in the morning with a smeared make-up and a dirty pillowcase, but the harms of sleeping with make-up do not end there.Before we explain how to remove make-up, we would like to talk about the harms of not removing make-up. Maybe this way we can reduce the number of nights you sleep without removing your makeup.

The Harms of Sleeping Without Makeup Removal

The properties of the skin products we use, such as color equalization and concealment, also ensure that the pores are clogged.This problem can occur even if you use completely clean ingredients or vegan products. The concealer you use in your eye makeup can cause oil glands to form under your eyes. Eyeshadows and pigments can cause premature aging of your eye area and shedding of your mascara eyelashes. The eyebrow shadow or eyebrow mascara you apply to shape your eyebrows can cause your eyebrows to fall out after a while. Any substance in the make-up materials you apply to your skin can cause allergy on your skin. Worse still, this allergy may appear after a while while you sleep, and you may wake up in the morning with a swollen face that you cannot even open your eyes. After all the harm of sleeping with makeup, we’re sure you won’t say anything will happen once and continue. So now let’s take a look at the tricks of makeup removal.

How to Remove Makeup?

How to remove eye make-up?

The area around the eyes is one of the most sensitive areas of the skin. If you do not use suitable products and act gently while removing your eye make-up, you may encounter serious problems in this area. If you have used water-resistant make-up products, you should definitely use cleansers that promise to remove water-resistant make-up. Eye makeup removers are usually dual-phase products and consist of an oil and a water-based product. This is why you see two different colors in the bottle. Before using these products, you should not forget to shake them well to mix the two phases. When applying the products, you should prefer soft and seamless cotton. After cleaning your eyes with make-up removal lotion or tonic, you should wash them with plenty of water and a suitable cleansing gel. One of the most suitable products you can choose for washing eye makeup is baby shampoo. Thus, you can easily wash your eyes without burning them and provide a detailed cleaning up to your eyelashes.

You should not rubbing your eyes with a cotton ball while removing your eye make-up. After pouring the cleaning product, you can clean your make-up more easily if you leave the cotton on your eyes for a while. You can clean it first from the inside of your eyelid to the outside, and then from your eyebrows, with gentle movements from top to bottom.

Lip makeup how to clean

Before you clean your lipstick, you can use your eye makeup remover or the makeup remover you use for your skin. It will be enough to wipe your lips with the help of a piece of cotton.

How to remove skin make-up?

We recommend that you clean your face with a lotion or make-up remover suitable for your make-up and skin type before washing it. Thus, you can get a much better performance from your face wash gel and clean your pores more deeply. It is useful to choose seamless cotton when applying the product. If you have dry skin, you can use skin cleansing milk or cream products, but if you have an oily or combination skin type, it will be better to use water-based products. After this stage, you should wash your face thoroughly with a washing gel suitable for your skin type. You can choose to use gel or foam products. You can use sponges sold for washing face in the market, but we do not recommend these products because they are not very easy to disinfect.

Washing your face with a brush every day can cause your skin to become irritated. After removing all your make-up and washing your face, you should not forget to dry it gently. It will be more hygienic to use paper towels instead of towels. Thus, you will not face any skin problems due to the bacteria on the towel. In addition to your daily skin cleansing, you can apply a mask that deeply cleanses the skin once a week.

What are Natural Makeup Removal Products?

If you do not want to use cosmetic products, you can also use natural products while removing your make-up. You can easily wipe off both your eye, skin and lip make-up by soaking a piece of cotton with warm milk. If you have dry skin, you can remove your make-up by pouring olive oil on a cotton ball. In this way, you will both clean and moisturize your skin. Almond oil is one of the oils that can be used as a make-up remover just like olive oil. However, we would like to remind you that it is suitable for oily and combination skin, not for dry skin. After pouring almond oil on a piece of cotton, you can remove your make-up. After brewing a handful of dried chamomile in a glass of water, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, fill it into a small bottle and shake it well before use.You can store this tonic in the refrigerator for a week. Soften a piece of coconut oil in your hand and massage it all over your skin. During this massage, your make-up will also leave your skin. Afterwards, it will be sufficient to wash your face.