How to Use a Vanilla Stick

Vanilla Stick, The leaves of the vanilla flower are flat, fleshy and sessile. Vanilla, which takes a long time to grow, can give its first product only after 3 years after planting. While the vanilla stick is in the green fruit state, it is kept for 9 months to enjoy its taste. After being plucked, it is still green and its taste and aroma are not yet fully matured. However, the stick regains its familiar taste and aroma after drying in the sun. The cultivation of vanilla, which requires a lot of labor, is made entirely by hand without using any agricultural tools, chemical fertilizers or pesticides, making it the second most expensive spice in the world after saffron.

How to Use a Vanilla Stick

There are various syrups and powders obtained from the vanilla stick. But vanilla products sold in the market contain more vanilla flavor than real vanilla. however, vanilla stick gives more aroma and flavor when used directly. The ground form and essence of vanilla stick can also be used. It has been observed that it has positive effects on the stomach, nervous system and digestive system. Due to the beauty of its scent, it is one of the indispensable spices of the perfume industry. It is mostly used in desserts and ice creams in the food industry.

Recommendations for Use

It is possible to benefit from vanilla sticks in various ways. However, professional cooks and many housewives generally prefer to use the extract in a vanilla stick. In order to get the extract, the vanilla stick is laid on a flat surface and the stick is cut completely with the tip of the knife. Then, the extract in the vanilla stick is scraped off with the edge of the knife and optionally added into the material. Another method is to put a vanilla stick in sugary desserts such as honey and jam and leave it for a few weeks. After this process, a dessert with an intense taste and odor is obtained.

Otherwise, you can buy the vanilla stick ground in herbalists or grind it at home. You can mix the ground vanilla with sugar and keep it in a separate container, and use it for dessert, ice cream making or decoration. It is not recommended to store in refrigerators or deep freezers. You should still air your vanilla sticks that you store in a closed container every few weeks. You only need to smell the vanilla sticks that are sold stale or that you suspect are stale. If the flavor is not very strong, the stick is stale. If you can protect it from moisture, humidity, sudden temperature changes and mold, you can use your vanilla with peace of mind.