How to Use Sir Wax?

Today’s women’s Perhaps the biggest problem is unwanted hair. There are many options to get rid of unwanted hair and one of the most preferred options is waxing.

Sir is frequently used by women because of its easy use in waxing and its suitability for health. It can be used easily at home as well as in beauty centers. Since it does not contain sugar, it does not feed the hair follicles and thins and reduces the hairs, increasing the preference of wax wax. In addition, since it cleans the dead skin on the body while wax is applied, it also prevents the formation of ingrowns. However, like every other process, there are points to be considered while using sear wax.

First of all, make sure that the area where you will apply the wax is clean and dry. If the area is wet, the wax will not stick to the wax and hair removal will be very difficult. This causes your body to become irritated or crusted.

To use wax, you need to boil it in hot water and dissolve it. After making sure that it melts, you can start using your wax.

The ends of the wax cans are usually in the form of rolls and it is very easy to apply. You can also apply the waxes in big boxes with a wooden stick.

Apply the wax by dividing the area to be treated. If you apply it to the entire area at once, the wax will freeze and cause irritation to your skin. Also, do not forget to apply the wax in the direction of the growth of your hair. If you pull it with a slow motion, the wax will stick to your skin and it will hurt much more than it does.

Be careful not to apply the wax over one area. If you apply it a second time to the area you previously applied wax wax, your skin will become red, irritated or your skin may peel. You can also do the same with an oily wet wipe specially prepared for waxing.

If you are waxing at beauty centers, make sure it is done with a cap that has not been used before. If you use it at home, not using it with someone other than you, mushrooms and so on. It is important that you do not get skin diseases.

The period of use of the wax, which is used every 20-25 days on average, can increase up to 35-40 days over time. The reason for this is that, as we mentioned before, the hairs become thinner and decrease as you use wax.

Specially prepared wax wax machines for home use can also be used to facilitate your process. These machines keep the wax constantly hot and ensure that the wax does not freeze.