Information About Baby Nutrition

New baby owner Parents who have become parents, especially if this is their first child, are very fussy about how to take care of, feed and take care of their babies. Parents who cannot predict what their little kittens should eat have to think a lot about this issue. Newborn babies may not eat a lot, but it is a fact that they are fed frequently. Therefore, attention should be paid to what the baby eats.

The first question faced by parents who have just had a baby is whether they will feed the baby with breast milk or with a bottle. Some women know from the very beginning whether to breastfeed or formula feed their babies, while others just can’t decide.

Most child health institutions advocate breastfeeding and the most logical choice to be made in this regard is breast milk. There is no doubt that breastfeeding is the most wonderful way to feed a newborn baby and offers numerous benefits. But not every woman is the same and life circumstances are different for every woman, and these circumstances can also lead parents to formula feed the baby. Although women who feed their babies with formula instead of breast milk may feel that a strong bond cannot be formed between their babies, these feelings are unfounded. Both options will provide the nutrients needed for the baby’s growth and survival.

Information About Baby Nutrition
Information About Baby Nutrition

It is considered appropriate for infants to be breastfed until 1 year of age. If it is not bottle fed, it may not be easy for the baby to take this step. Getting the timing right is important. Babies can be introduced to solid food at 6 months of age, and after 1 year. This decision should be made by the mother according to the baby’s behavior and habits until then.

If the baby is weaned before the age of 1, iron-fortified formula should be given instead of breast milk. Baby foods have the right amount of carbohydrates, and the percentages of fat and protein are just right. The pediatrician can give good advice on this. It is not right to give cow’s milk to the baby before 1 year of age. Many formulas on the market are already based on cow’s milk, but it is wrong to give cow’s milk directly to the baby.

After breast milk and formula, introducing the baby to solid foods comes next. There is no exact time like formulas for this acquaintance. Most doctors argue that it is not right to feed a baby with solid food before 6 months. It is a good idea to get the opinion of the baby’s doctor or someone else from the health care team before starting solid food. They can give you advice and practical tips.

For starters, it would be right to give the baby cereal, pureed meat, vegetables and fruit, finely chopped hand foods and pure fruit juices. But it is wrong to give the baby small and slippery foods such as grapes, sausages and hard candy, hard-to-chew foods such as popcorn, raw carrots and nuts, sticky or hard foods such as peanut butter and large pieces of meat, as this can cause choking.