Is it harmful to use someone else’s towel, it causes eye allergies!

Experts warn! Do not use someone else’s towel! This condition, which increases the risk of infection in the eyes, can have serious consequences. So what are the harms of using someone else’s towel? All those who are wondering Eye Health and Diseases Specialist.

Do not use someone else’s towel!

The moody disease conjunctivitis, the incidence of which increases with the warming of the weather and the approach of summer, causes inflammation of the membrane layer that surrounds the eyelids. You should not use someone else’s towels and make-up, you should not open your eyes in the pool-sea and stay away from an unhygienic environment.

Causes allergies in the eyes

Excessive watering in the eyes, stinging, conjunctivitis manifested by symptoms such as burning, prolonged itching and burring, adhesion and crusting of eyelashes in the morning, hypersensitivity to light and blurred vision; It is an inflammation of the white part of the outermost layer of the eye and the membrane layer that surrounds the inner surface of the eyelids. Conjunctivitis, also known as red or pink eye among the people, is a curable disease.


Indicating that conjunctivitis has two main causes, Ophthalmology Specialist said, “Although allergic conjunctivitis occurs mostly in spring, it can be seen in any season of the year. In general, redness, watering and itching in the eyes are at the forefront and the cause is mostly allergens such as pollen, pool chlorine and detergent. Another is infective conjunctivitis. This type is caused by bacteria and viruses. More severe findings are often seen; Apart from redness and watering in the eyes, swelling and burring on the eyelids are at the forefront, and the worst is contagious,” he warned.

Eye Health and Diseases Specialist listed the things that should be done to prevent the disease as follows: “Not sharing the same towels and make-up materials or personal items, paying attention to hygiene if lenses are used and choosing disposable ones, not opening the eyes in the pool and sea, avoiding cigarette smoke and dusty places. and to stay away from unhygienic places, and if we cannot do these, it is necessary to wash our hands and face immediately with plenty of water. Individuals with the disease should avoid contact with other individuals and if we have conjunctivitis due to allergic reasons, we should stay away from these allergens as much as possible.” Specialist stated that the type of conjunctivitis should be determined first with the examination, and then appropriate procedures will be used in the treatment. He emphasized that while conjunctivitis can heal on its own, it is important to proceed under the supervision of a doctor so that the recovery period does not prolong and the right path is followed and does not cause other ailments. Dr.said, “The treatment of the disease should be directed towards the agent. In allergic conjunctivitis; antihistamines, steroids, or artificial tear drops may be used. Antibiotic drops and pomades are used in bacterial conjunctivitis. However, there is no known drop treatment in viral conjunctivitis, treatments aimed at relieving the eye are applied.