Linden, genus of about 30 species of trees in the hibiscus, or mallow, family native to the Northern Hemisphere. A few are outstanding as ornamental and shade trees. Lindens are large graceful deciduous trees. The asymmetrical leaves are heart-shaped and coarsely toothed. The fragrant cream-coloured flowers are bisexual and pollinated by insects. The small globular fruits characteristically hang from narrow leafy bracts, which may aid in dispersal. The plants are easily cultivated by cuttings and grafting but are particularly prone to attack by aphids.

The American linden, also called basswood or whitewood, is a large shade tree reaching 40 metres in height. It provides wood for beehives, crating, furniture, and excelsior, and it is a popular bee tree. Linden honey is pale and has a distinctive flavour. The taxonomy of the North American lindens has been revised, with T. americana now largely accepted as the only North American species. Small-leaf, or little-leaf, linden, a European tree, is widely planted as a street tree. The hybrid Crimean linden, which grows up to 20 metres (66 feet) in height, has yielded a graceful pyramidal cultivar, the Redmond linden, having a single straight trunk.

The European linden, or common lime, is a natural hybrid between the big-leaf linden and little-leaf linden. Silver linden is distinguished by its white-silvery underleaf; pendant silver linden is valued for its weeping habit. In case of weather changes or when you feel tired, hot water, your savior in the kitchen, meets an instant herbal tea, right? Sometimes the herbal teas touched by the mother’s hand are sometimes left by a friend’s hand on your bedside.


 Everything is for you to recover as soon as possible and return to your days full of energy. The most preferred of these herbal teas is usually linden. Linden is consumed as a savior tea in every home.

Streets in spring with yellow and white flowers; Linden trees, which heavily decorate the shores, are ready to be collected in June and July. Linden trees, which find a place as a natural pharmacy in temperate climates, are the best friends of sick days in our country. In this article we prepared about the healing from linden, your health was considered every season. The benefits of linden for everyone and the benefits of linden tea, which you can choose instead of other drinks, will be with you in this article. When you feel tired and exhausted, your healing can be hidden in a linden tea.

What are the Benefits of Linden Tea?

  • The benefits of linden tea have shown its effects on flu for years. Thanks to the components and nutritional value in linden, it is very powerful in removing microbes from the body. While it protects people with weak immune systems against flu and colds, it also heals people with flu as soon as possible.
  • It is the most effective herbal tea that softens the throat in respiratory tract infections and dry coughs. Tea companies offer linden tea to the market with various flavors. Especially the benefits of honeyed linden are more effective than plain linden tea. Thanks to honey, the body will be more vigorous.
  • Linden tea is preferred as an energizing hot drink for people whose energy is depleted in business rush. You can get the energy and vitamin your body needs from linden tea.
  • Linden tea prevents the veins from getting clogged and hardened. Thus, those who regularly drink linden tea are less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases.
  • Linden tea will also be effective in intestinal disorders. If those who have intestinal problems such as constipation consume linden tea, this problem will disappear. Thanks to the relaxed intestines, the metabolic rate will also increase.
  • Linden tea, which contributes to sweating, makes you sweat on your sick days and supports the removal of microbes from your body.
  • It makes you feel good in every way by relaxing you on your stressful days.
  • The linden tea you consume with honey will reduce the effects of stomach ulcers.
  • You can drink linden tea plain as well as quince flavored. When you consume it this way, your digestive system will become more active with the benefits of quince linden and your intestinal problems will be resolved as soon as possible.
  • In your coughing winter days, you can regain your old health with the benefits of apple linden. When apple and linden meet with hot water in the same glass, it will act to soothe your throat and relieve your coughs.

What are the Benefits of Linden on the Skin?

The benefits of the linden flower that nature offers you are not only on cold days; It will also be effective in skin care. You can use linden to moisturize and renew your skin. When you boil the flower and leaves in water and apply it to your skin by massaging, you can notice that your cells are renewed in a short time.

If you are bothered by skin blemishes, it would be a good idea to boil linden leaves if you are not ready for aging yet. Because linden will not only delay your aging but also camouflage the effect of wrinkles. You can look younger and full of energy with linden.

What are the Benefits of Linden for Hair?

If your hair has lost its former strength, breaks quickly and falls out, it’s time to meet your hair with linden. Because the hair washed with linden water will become healthier by being fed. You can remove your hair loss and breakage with linden.

What are the Eye Benefits of Linden?


Eye pain is a common complaint of those who are at the computer and employees all day. Eye pain turns into a headache after a while. This situation prepares for a stressful and tired day. Ihlamur reminds you of its existence in order to be useful to you in this regard. In cases where you feel tired in your eyes, you can wash your eyes with linden water that has boiled and then leaves its temperature well. With the help of a cotton ball, you can apply it to your eyes as if removing eye makeup. Thanks to the components in the linden content, it will relax your eyes and take the pain away.

What are the Benefits of Linden Honey?

The benefits of the linden tree continue with the honey of the linden tree. Linden, which is a natural medicine for health in every aspect, will add health to you this time with its honey

  • It prevents cancer by fighting cancer-causing cells.
  • It strengthens the nervous system and protects you from all kinds of diseases.
  • It will be your savior in cases of diarrhea.
  • We will recommend linden honey to those who complain of headaches caused by migraine. Because it has the feature of relieving migraine pain in a short time.
  • Just like linden tea, honey will relax you on your tense days and make you feel good.
  • Linden honey will heal you in cases of flu, colds and colds that you catch on cold winter days.
  • Linden honey, which you prefer for dry coughs and phlegm coughs, will cut your coughs and soften your throat.
  • It will strengthen your body resistance as well as eliminate fear and stress.