Makeup Tips for Dark-Skinned People

Black-skinned women can be a little more comfortable when applying make-up than other skin colors, because they have colors that look lively in general. The most important point that women with brown and wheat skin should pay attention to during make-up is color balance. After the color balance between the parts of the face is achieved, they can easily make a make-up that reveals the lines and has the right touches.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the color tones on the skin. In certain areas, light-dark tone differences can be seen. To balance these differences, a foundation suitable for the skin color is usually sufficient, but from time to time it may be necessary to use concealer products. Especially if there are serious stains along with the tonal differences, a concealer should be used to prepare the foundation. Otherwise, a raw and artificial image will be obtained.

When applying under-eye concealer, too light colors should not be chosen for the sake of creating a bright image. Medium-toned concealers are suitable, a very healthy image cannot be obtained if a very light-colored application is made.

They can easily use pastel tones along with chocolate and earth tones in eye make-up. If they draw a thin contour under the eyebrows with a pearl-cream pencil and lightly distribute them with their fingertips, they can give a very bright look to the eye area.

If they have sparse eyebrows, use a eyebrow pencil or eye shadow in appropriate tones. They must fill the gaps between the eyebrows and eyebrows. Otherwise, the eyebrows will become very pale and cannot capture the desired expression.

In very dark skinned people, the lips may be a little purple. In such a case, if they apply lip concealers in the form of lipstick before applying lipstick and apply the lipstick on it, they both provide a more permanent application and reveal the true color. They can make the face appear brighter.

Blush can easily use all tones from pink to brown.

Eyeliner can use black and brown-black tones. When a softer image is desired, black should be used, and when a clearer image is desired, black should be used. The same is true for mascara.

They can use nude toned lipsticks very easily and achieve a very natural look. It can be completed with this lipstick, especially when dark eye makeup is applied.