Quince Benefits for Skin and Quince Mask Recipes

Wouldn’t it be the fruit of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, but not be beneficial to beauty? Quince, which is associated with Aphrodite in Greek mythology, provides miraculous benefits to skin beauty as a vitamin store and a very powerful antioxidant. The gel-like mask obtained from both the quince itself and its seeds has an extremely strong anti-aging effect. Quince also reduces inflammation, brightens and repairs the skin. Here are the benefits of quince, which has been increasingly used in cosmetic products in recent years, and quince mask recipes:

Benefits of Quince for Skin

Thanks to the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the content of quince, its benefits for the skin can be listed as follows:

Reduces wrinkles, delays the formation of new wrinkles, Relieves redness, Reduces acne, acne, sun, birth-induced skin spots, Good for acne, Reduces inflammation (swelling) on ​​the skin, Moisturizes dry skin, Tightens pores, Tightens the skin and passes sagging, Rejuvenates the skin, Acts as a tonic and cleanser, Reduces black spots Softens the skin, Relieves cracks, Relieves scars, Relieves bruises under the eyes, Relieves the skin in allergic reactions such as atopic dermatitis, Protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, Effective in the treatment of burns, Treats nipples that are irritated due to breastfeeding, It strengthens and prevents bacteria from staying on the skin surface. ,Thanks to its extremely strong effect on blood circulation, it provides oxygen to be pumped to the whole body, giving the skin a healthy appearance.

How to Make Quince Seed Jelly?

The most beneficial parts of the quince for the skin are the seeds and the gel obtained from them.

Quince seed gel, which is obtained with a very simple method, can be applied to the skin as a mask on its own, or it can be mixed with various materials and transformed into different masks.

Quince Seed Jelly Recipe


Seeds of 2 quinces1 tea glass of clean, warm water. A glass container with a lid (it can be a small jar)


Put the quinces in a glass container, pour the water over it. The water should completely cover the beans. Close the container tightly and leave for 24 hours at room temperature and out of the sun. During this time, the water that combines with the outer wall of the seeds will thicken and turn into a gel.

* You can prepare the gel in larger quantities instead of for single use, by increasing the amount of quince seeds and water at the same rate. However, you should not neglect to adjust the amount of water carefully to avoid loss of consistency. Keep in mind that the waiting time will be longer in recipes with more seeds.

** The gel can be stored in the refrigerator for five days.

*** Clean the seeds of the quinces you buy in the season from fruit residues and keep them airtight in the freezer. You can store it and make quince gel even in summer!

How to Use Quince Seed Jelly?

Quink seed gel contains anti-aging and nourishing properties for the skin on its own.You can apply this mask twice a week. You can use the quince seed gel more frequently in the areas where there are skin spots and cracks, in the treatment of burns. After regular application, the spots on your skin will decrease, the pores will tighten and your skin will start to shine.

Warning: Quince Before applying the bean gel on your face, you should check if you have an allergic reaction. It would be right to test the gel on your hand or arm first.

Quince Mask Recipes

Moisturizing Quince Seed Mask

In this recipe, the gel is prepared in rose water. The seeds of 2 quinces are left to stand in a sealed container with enough rose water to cover them. After waiting for 24 hours in this way, two teaspoons of almond oil are mixed and applied to the desired area and left for 20 minutes. The remaining mixture can be stored in a closed container and in the refrigerator for five days.

Moisturizing Quince Mask

Mix 2-3 tablespoons of quince in a blender with a spoonful of honey. If your skin is oily, mix a small amount of apple cider vinegar into the mixture. Leave it on your face for 5-10 minutes and rinse with water.

Anti-Acne Quince Seed Mask

Bring the seeds of 3 quince to boiling point with a glass of water. Apply the resulting jelly-like liquid on your face and neck in a thick layer. The mask will gradually dry out; If you have time, leave it for an hour, or even sleep like this if possible.

Pore and Skin Tightening Quince Mask

Mix the grated or blender half quince with 1 egg white thoroughly. Apply to clean skin, wash off with cold after drying. If this mask is applied once a week, your skin will be tightened and the pores will shrink.

Quince Seed Mask Against Stretch Marks

Add some coconut oil into the quince seed gel and mix well. If you apply this mixture to your cracks every day, you will see that the problematic image disappears in a short time.

Quince Seed Against Blackheads and Acne

2 tablespoons of powdered quince seeds and 1-2 tablespoons of chamomile juice Mix it and apply it to the acne and blackheads area. This mixture, which can be applied three times a week, will clean black spots and dry acnes with its anti-inflammatory feature.

Quince Seed Mask with Olive Oil for Dry Skin

This mask is prepared by forming quince seed gel in olive oil instead of water. Recommended for very dry skin, especially in winter. After the essence of the quince seed penetrates into the olive oil in this way, massage the mixture onto your face. Your skin will be moisturized and smooth after the first application.

Anti-Wrinkle Quince Seed Mask

Mix a tablespoon of quince seed gel with a tablespoon of natural yogurt and apply it on your face. After waiting for 15-20 minutes, rinse your face with water. Apply twice a week. You will see that your wrinkles are cleared.

Quinese Seed Mask for Under Eyes

Quince gel creates wonders on its own under the eyes and around the eyes. However, it gives much more effective results when mixed with blue anemone oil, which is an ideal natural product to reduce wrinkles in this area.

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