Stay away from fake skins, fashion habits that are harmful to health!

Today, fashion is at the center of our lives! It has taken over us in many aspects, from accessories to shoes. Although it looks beautiful from the outside, it actually threatens our health when we imitate everything that is fashionable and use it constantly in our daily life. Tight clothes, fake jewelry, direct contact with our body can affect our health! As, we have brought together some of our clothing habits that are harmful to health and that we use consciously or unconsciously. one is tight trousers. But excessively tight clothes affect blood circulation. These products can even cause varicose veins. It is necessary to think once more before wearing these tight clothes, which have features that can cause sexual health problems, especially for men.


Leather jackets, trousers fashion. However, the structure of the leather products purchased is extremely important. Artificial leather products can cause serious problems on the skin in long-term use. It is possible to say that these products are both poor quality and unhealthy because they are used and produced together with chemical substances in fabrication production. Unfortunately, artificial leather products are among the best-selling products because they are sold at lower prices than genuine leather products and are decorated with visual deceptions.


Eye health is extremely important. important. Some glasses are on the market in the form of imitations obtained from mica and plastic production instead of using optical glass due to the cheap production cost. Although these glasses have a stylish appearance, they are in a structure that threatens eye health. Due to the lack of UV protection, it does not both prevent the contact of the sun’s rays with the eyes and can make these rays more harmful.


One of the important elements of fashion. shoes are generally preferred by giving importance to external appearance. However, women should choose the appropriate shoe model according to comfort and orthopedics. Shoes with too high heels or flat soles can cause problems such as poor posture, herniated disc and back pain.


Jewelry, one of the indispensable accessories of women, Although it is a part of fashion, it is one of the products to be considered while purchasing. Imitation jewelry causes serious health problems, from shedding on the skin to itching, from allergies to eczema.

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