Tea tree oil

The tea tree, which is native to Australia, produces an oil that’s long been thought to be beneficial for skin conditions, including mild acne, athlete’s foot, small wounds, dandruff, insect bites, and other inflammatory skin conditions. There needs to be further study into acne and scalp use, but for now, there’s a degree of research into the antimicrobial superpowers of tea tree oil on wounds and topical infections. One recent study said that tea tree oil slowed the growth of acne-causing microbes. It’s commonly used as a highly concentrated essential oil. Wilson recommends that tea tree oil, as with all essential oils, should be diluted in a carrier oil. She adds that it often already comes diluted in a variety of skin care products and creams.


Tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of a tree that’s native to Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.

Tea tree oil could be beneficial for:

  • acne
  • athlete’s foot
  • cuts
  • dandruff
  • insect bites

Things to consider

  • Tea tree oil is poisonous if taken orally.
  • Your skin could experience an allergic reaction.
  • It may influence hormones.
  • Long-term use isn’t recommended.