The best bob styles to inspire your next haircut

Euphoria effect in eye make-up

The Euphoria series characters continue to be a great source of inspiration, especially for the Z generation, with their styles. Among the beauty trends of the year, makeup looks inspired by the Euphoria series stand out. Winking the Y2K trend, neon eyeliners, geometric lines, glittery headlights and sticky stones will be on stage with their slightly more minimalist and fresh applications in the summer season.

Fresh glow

Imagine the glow of the sun when it comes into contact with your skin in the golden hour of the day. If you want such a look, first of all, you should not skip your skin care routine and moisturize your skin very well. Instead of a matte foundation look, you can choose a very thin layer of BB or CC cream. You can apply highlighter to strategic points to complete the fresh glow.

The best bob styles to inspire your next haircut

Soft pink tones

When summer is mentioned, of course, less makeup and fresher looks come to mind. No color can do this better than soft pink tones. The soft pink tones you apply to your eyelids, cheeks and lips will be enough to rejuvenate your face effortlessly. All you have to do is find the shade of pink that best suits your skin.

The return of the lips

It’s time to make the lips talk instead of hiding them. It is our right to return with assertive lipsticks after wearing masks for more than two years. Whether it’s a classic red lipstick or a neon pink, a make-up look that draws attention to the lips is also among the favorite beauty trends of this summer.

The more minimalist we will be in make-up this summer, the more maximalist looks will come to the fore in manicure.

Red hair

Red hair

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid’s red hair left its mark this winter. Kendall Jenner must have loved her new hair so much that she still continues with her reds. In fact, this trend has influenced the entire Z generation. Among the hair colors that we will see the most in the summer, reds are leading. 

Coats with bangs

The idea of ​​​​cutting bangs visits every woman from time to time. While it’s not always a good idea, haircuts with bangs and layers will be a hit this summer. For those who like androgynous looks, the 70’s Mick Jagger cut is very popular. French style short fringe cuts offer a useful alternative in summer as well as being assertive.