Tips for Extending Curly Hair

Curly hair requires different care and attention than straight or wavy hair. Growing out curly hair is much more difficult than growing straight hair. Because curly hair is prone to drying, breaking and breaking due to its natural structure. However, when curly hair extension techniques are applied correctly and cared for properly, it is not as difficult as it seems to have long and full curls that make Rapunzel jealous. How to lengthen curly hair? What are curly hair extension techniques? What are the tricks of growing curly hair?

Does Curly Hair Grow Slower?

There is a common belief that curly hair grows more slowly. But it’s not because curly hair grows slower or curls curl and gather, making the growth invisible, but mostly because of breakage caused by the wrong care. The main difference between curly and straight hair is that curly hair is naturally dry due to its nature. This is why curly hair is usually dry. Dry hair strands wear out much more easily, their ends break and break. This is why curly hair that is deprived of moisture can look as if they are not growing at all, even though they actually grow from the root.

The Trick for Curly Hair Extension

Tips for Extending Curly Hair

The golden rule of curly hair extensions should always be to keep their hair moist. If the length and ends of your hair are dry, apply oil to the roots as much as you want and care for them, however, your hair will break from the ends and it will seem as if it will not grow forever.

Therefore, a two-step care is required to lengthen curly hair: nourishes the roots to grow the hair faster, and keeps and protects the hair strands constantly moist to prevent breakage and breakage. . Here are the tips to lengthen curly hair by considering these two stages:

Is it Necessary to Have a Cut to Grow Hair?

Everyone who decides to grow their curly hair has the same initial dilemma and even the nightmare of some of us: Do I have to remove the ends first? The answer to this question varies from person to person. Look at broken, damaged hair as dead; Accept that no matter what you do they won’t last and get rid of them. However, you don’t have to cut every 4-6 weeks after the extension starts with healthy hair. At this point, all you have to do is keep the ends of your hair moist and healthy and watch them grow!

Which Shampoo to Use for Curly Hair?

If you have decided to grow your hair, it is especially important that the shampoo you use is suitable for curly hair. Such shampoos prevent drying by regulating the moisture and oil balance of the hair. People with curly hair should always use a moisturizing shampoo, not just during hair growth. Shampoos containing sulfates cause long-term drying of curly hair. Shampoos with clean ingredients protect the moisture in curly hair and both support growth and make the hair fuller in the long run.

Use Much Less Shampoo

The most common mistake curly-haired people make is to use a lot of shampoo with each wash.However, shampoo causes the natural oils provided by the scalp to flow and promote hair growth. Therefore, people who decide to grow their curly hair should reduce the use of shampoo. Shampooing the hair twice in every wash may not cause any problems for straight hair, but the situation is different for curly hair. Shampooing twice gives the feeling of squeaky clean hair, but it actually means frizzy hair that is dry and prone to breakage. Shampoo once for healthy curly hair. Have you tried the co-wash (conditioning only wash) method? Special products for this method, which revitalize and moisturize curly hair by exempting it from the negative effects of shampoo, also support hair growth in a short time. If you need to wash your hair very often, you can use dry shampoo in between.

Make sure to use cream in every wash

Tips for Extending Curly Hair

The golden rule of extending curly hair is to prevent the ends from drying out and breaking off. So do not be lazy, moisten the ends of your hair with a good conditioner every time you take a bath. Feel free to use a generous amount of the cream.This mask does not necessarily have to be an expensive product; A homemade mixture of eggs, olive oil and honey will do the same. After the bath, nourish especially the ends of your hair with moisturizing oils such as coconut or almond oil. These oils fight the drying tendency by locking moisture into the hair fiber.

Say Goodbye to Heat and Straighteners

Excessive heat changes the protein structure of the hair, making it weak and prone to breakage. People with curly hair should definitely stay away from straighteners, especially during the extension period. When you distance yourself from the heat, you will notice that your hair grows much faster. Unfortunately, the requirement to stay away from heat includes hair dryer. If you do not have time to wait for your hair to dry on its own or if the weather is cold, you should use heat protectant products. Despite these products, always avoid running the hair dryer on the hottest setting.

Use Hair-Friendly Towels

Those who want to lengthen their curly hair should also be careful during the drying phase.

Such a frictional effect will lead to damage and breakage of the hair strands. Gently remove excess water from your hair first with your hands and then with a microfiber towel. Then, wrap your hair again in a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt. Drying curly hair in this way will both prevent damage and trap moisture.

Caution while scanning!

Another nightmare of curls that starts almost from childhood is the scanning process. However, the rules on this matter are very clear. It is especially important that those who decide to grow their curly hair follow these rules:

Never touch a fine-toothed comb to your hair. Comb your hair when wet or even with conditioner, with a coarse-toothed comb to minimize breakage and breakage. You can only use your fingers for scanning. Start by combing your hair from the ends, work your way up as the ends open. Never come down from above.

Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

Tips for Extending Curly Hair

Another time period when curly hair prone to drying should be protected is sleep. Wearing a cap or loosely braiding your hair while you sleep will also lock in moisture and reduce the chance of damage.

How Should Curly Hair Be Collected?

Keeping curly hair away from the risk of breakage and breakage also necessitates avoiding some hairstyles. Very tight ponytails, tight buns or tricky braids are risky in this respect. In addition, you should choose hairpins that will not ruffle or break your hair, and stay away from metal or plastic hairpins. When you wear clothes made of fabrics where hair can get caught and electrified, opt for loose ponytails or bun models.

Nourish the Roots with Massage and Oil

Remember that hair grows by nourishing it from the root. Even just five minutes of massaging the scalp a day will increase blood circulation and nourish the hair follicles. Lie upside down with your hair hanging down and massage with your fingers for at least five minutes every night. During the head massage, you can use oils such as castor, argan oil, almond, black cumin, rosemary or avocado oil that nourish the hair and create an environment suitable for rapid growth.

Eat Right

Tips for Extending Curly Hair

Your hair reflects how healthy you are, just like your skin. For fast growing hair, you should eat a balanced and healthy diet. Those who want to grow hair should definitely include protein, iron, selenium, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, B group vitamins, vitamin E and plenty of water in their diet.

Stay Away from Stress

Stress factor, which is the root of every health problem in the 21st century, also negatively affects hair. The hair of people under stress becomes weak and breaks more easily. For long and healthy hair, do not forget to take your sleep; Try to stay away from stress. Massage your scalp on days when you are very tired or under stress.

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