Uses and Benefits of Blackberry Oil

With its unique color and attractive aroma, blackberry is distinguished from other fruits both by its consumption as a fruit and by its various uses. It is a valuable plant species with various benefits. The plant, which contains organic acids, minerals and vitamins, can be grown in almost every region of our country, where it can experience all seasons at the same time. Blackberry; Besides being a rich and healthy food, it is loved and preferred for its appearance and taste.

The names used for blackberries may differ from region to region; “Mormorik, Thorn Strawberry, Blackberry, Cat Mulberry, Thorn Berry, Wild Grape, Thornberry” Although blackberries are known to grow on their own in nature without any intervention, they occur in two different ways: wild and grafted.

While it generally blooms from May to August, it looks like a bush with white and pink flowers between June and September. It is possible to collect and consume various types of the fruit, which gradually completes its formation in the spring, in the summer. Blackberries are common in rainy regions, as they love wetlands. If the rain in the climate in which it is grown is not enough, it should be over watered. It does not need any preservatives or fertilizers. The plant, which is effortless to care for, mostly grows in hot climates; It is also known for being resistant to cold weather. At the same time, it can bear fruit easily in different kinds of soil, but still the most ideal is to grow in old soil.


The body is cylindrical, the branches are thorny; It hangs first up and then down like a grape branch. The leaves are petiolate, the edges are toothed and the undersurface is hairy. It usually grows between 1 and 3 meters. It also has many fruits on the ivy branch it surrounds. Its fruit is a spherical, soft and slightly thorny fruit formed by the combination of small grains.

When it first begins to form, it is green in color, then turns red and then dark purple; it even takes on a ‘mature’ color close to black. It is also very easy to collect the blackberry, it can be easily separated from the branch after it is ripe.

Nutrient Value

The ellagic acid contained in the blackberry is said to be effective in fighting cancer. Thanks to this substance, the growth and even formation of cancer cells is prevented. Studies show that people who consume blackberries have a low risk of breast and uterine cancer. According to some sources, blackberry, all age-related diseases; especially good for Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that blackberry is good for memory. It is particularly rich in flavans found in plants. It carries tannin, organic acids and sugar in its leaves. Apart from these, it contains apple acid, citric acid, vitamin C, flavones, flavonoids, pigments and fiber. It also has more intense antioxidant properties than other fruits. Fruit, which contains much higher fiber than fruits such as pears, apples, and bananas, has a great importance in terms of nutritional value.

Blackberry oil is obtained from blackberry seeds by cold pressing method. Let’s briefly talk about the properties of blackberry oil.

The Benefits and Uses of Blackberry Oil

Hair and Skin

The biggest feature of blackberry oil known from the past is that it contains a high amount of vitamin C, which is the basic requirement for the human body. Blackberry oil gives the skin the elasticity and youth it needs. Since the weakening of the skin’s collagen structure causes wrinkles and thinning on the skin, regular use of blackberry oil slows down this process. It is said to have a positive effect on health problems such as itchy and scaly skin or eczema. Due to the antioxidants in its content, it also regulates the skin color. It is recommended by experts as a strong tonic for cleansing the skin. It is used in face and body masks to revitalize the skin.

Blackberry oil is found in almost most of the products produced for skin that is worn or needs treatment. It can also be used externally for skin injuries.

It provides moisture to the hair and scalp, heals and strengthens them in wear and tear. It repairs split ends and gives a natural glow. With its rich ingredients, this oil is the most natural way to have velvety hair.

Sun Protection

Blackberry oil is great for natural sunscreens as it is rich in antioxidants. is a helper. It is also known to reduce sunspots that occur as a result of sunbathing. In addition, it also helps to treat irritated skin.

Sore Throats

Blackberry oil, whose leaves are mostly used for sore throat and inflammation, also provides a similar effect. It softens the throat in throat inflammations, helps to heal tonsil inflammations. It is also used as a mouthwash in throat infections.

Miraculous Effect on Injuries

Blackberry has been known for its healing power on wounds since the early days of medicine. It is used as a part of the treatment in oral wounds, tongue and gum disorders.

It can be used by mixing it with bath water or dripping onto cotton.

We talked about the points where blackberry oil is beneficial for the body and how it is used. Except those; You can benefit from blackberry oil more easily when used as a peeling, when it is fed to the scalp with your fingers in the form of friction, when it is dripped into water -on the required area- externally or when used with a cloth.

Finally, researches say that blackberry oil has no known side effects.