What Are the Benefits of Carob?

For those who meet it for the first time It may have an appearance that creates a somewhat strange and tasteless impression for you. However, its appearance should not be deceived, it should be tasted and consumed regularly to take advantage of its many benefits. Carob grows especially in Mediterranean climates and has a very delicious and sweet aroma when consumed fresh. It contains a liquid that tastes like sugar. The reason why it got this name is completely related to its appearance. The length of the trees where the carob grows can reach 4 to 6 meters.

Carob is very rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. However, it contains plenty of beta carotene, carbohydrates, fat and sodium. It also has potassium, selenium, magnesium, calcium and a large number of minerals, vitamins and beneficial elements.

Carob reduces the risk of developing lung cancer:

Carob is a very rich food in terms of antioxidants.

It is recommended to consume carob regularly to eliminate the effects of damage caused by smoking, alcohol and other harmful substances. In this way, it is possible to reduce the risk of developing lung cancer. As the lung health will be protected with regular consumption of carob, it also provides protection against other lung diseases. It has been observed that the OGG1 enzyme ((8-OxoGuanine DNA Glycosylase ) is low in people with lung cancer, and carob has the ability to activate this enzyme. Studies have shown that the risk of developing lung cancer is ten times higher when this enzyme is low. For this reason, regular consumption of carob is very important for activating this enzyme and reducing the risk of developing lung cancer.Carob is also very effective against pulmonary edema.

It has an expectorant effect:

Carob is an excellent expectorant, especially for smokers.

Carob helps balance cholesterol:

Carob is a rich source of nutrients and beneficial fiber. is food.

In some studies, it has been determined that carob is very useful in the treatment of hypercholesterol disease. There is a lot of scientific data on this. Again, studies have shown positive results on blood cholesterol level and LDL cholesterol when carob flour is consumed regularly in cases where the cholesterol level in the blood is above normal.

Carob increases sexual power and sperm motility in men:

One of the most well-known features among the public is that it increases sexual power and libido. When the sperm count in men is 40 million/ml, this is considered normal. However, being normal for this value alone is not enough for pregnancy, the motility of the sperm is as important as the number. With regular consumption of carob, it is possible to give sperm motility and increase the speed of movement. As the sperm’s mobility and speed increase, the chance of reaching the egg will be higher, so the probability of getting pregnant increases accordingly.

Carob protects the health of the digestive system:

Carob fights free radicals in the body thanks to its high content of beta-carotene, and it also contributes to the health of the stomach and digestive system through the fibers it contains. helps protect it.

Carob helps repair cell damage and regenerate cells:

Cells get older and weaker as we age. For this reason, irreparable damage to the cells may occur. Carob has active ingredients to nourish, strengthen and repair cells. When cells become weak and damaged, the immune system weakens. Carob fights various diseases by healing damaged cells as it supports the cells by renewing them.

Carob helps reduce asthma attacks:

The gallic acid in the content of carob is antiasthmatic (anti-asthmatic) and antiallergenic < /strong> (anti-allergy) is a substance. Thanks to this feature, carob protects and strengthens the body against allergic diseases and supports the fight against allergic diseases. It has healing properties for all respiratory diseases. The effect is seen more rapidly, especially in children.

Carob helps protect against allergic diseases:

It has both antiallergenic and antibacterial properties. Carob helps to prevent respiratory diseases that occur especially in winter and to cure existing diseases.

It is also a strong fighter against diseases such as seasonal colds and flu.

Carob helps treat cough:

Carob is a natural cough medicine. Thanks to its high content of antioxidants, it eliminates infections and free radicals that cause cough. People who have cough problems consume carob several times a day, and they will see a positive effect in a short time.

Carob has a natural antibiotic effect:

Carob is a very powerful natural antibiotic thanks to its high content of antioxidants. Since it fights viruses that cause various infectious / seasonal diseases, it is recommended to be consumed for protection from these diseases.

Carob has a stomach protective feature:

Carob protects and strengthens the stomach while protecting the health of the digestive system thanks to its rich fiber content. It balances the acidity of the stomach and relieves bloating and gas problems.

Carob is protective against cardiovascular diseases:

Carob cleans the blood and prevents vascular compression thanks to its high antioxidant content.

Carob reduces the risk of osteoporosis (bone resorption):

Carob reduces the risk of osteoporosis (bone resorption) thanks to its rich calcium and phosphorus content. Although it does not have a very strong effect on the treatment of osteoporosis that occurs after a certain age, it has been observed that the risk of osteoporosis is reduced and prevented when carob is consumed regularly without this problem.

Carob protects mental health:

Carob has cell regenerative and repairing properties thanks to its high antioxidant content. With this feature, it helps to protect the nervous system and ensures a healthier functioning of the brain functions. It provides regeneration of brain cells, repair of damaged cells and increases mental abilities by preventing distraction. It also eliminates the stress caused by the stretching of nervous system functions.

Carob has an intelligence-enhancing feature, especially in children:

Carob protects mental health and helps brain functions work more healthily, thanks to its high antioxidant content.

Carob contains a high level of gallic acid:

It has many positive effects on human health thanks to the gallic acid it contains. To list them briefly; Analgesic (Painkiller effect) Antiallergenic (against allergy) Antiastimatic (against Asthma) Antibacterial (Bacteria destroyer) Antibronchitic (Against Bronchitis) Anticancer (against cancer) Antihepatotoxic (Antihepatotoxic) (Stimulating the immune system) Antiviral (Effective against germs) Antiseptic (Antiseptic) Cancer-preventive (Protective against cancer) Antinitrosaminic (Nitrosamine destroyer) Bronchodilator (Bronchodilator) Antipoliostrong> Things to consider: Because carob contains sugar, diabetics should be careful when consuming it, and consume it under the supervision of a doctor. People who use blood thinners should consult their doctor before consuming carob. Carob can cause nausea and dizziness when consumed excessively.