What are the Benefits of Cloves for Hair?

When Cloves are Said You may think of colorful flowers, or fragrant spices with dried small pieces. Cloves, which we know as flowers, are the flowers of a plant, and the clove, which we know as a spice, is obtained from a tree. One of the most striking features of clove is its antibacterial property. It is a material that can also be used in hair care and is known for its positive effects in a short time. It is often preferred because it is very easy and inexpensive to apply. Various baths and cures that can be prepared with cloves show their effects on your hair in a shorter time than you think, thus increasing your belief in it and causing you to use it more often.

What are the Benefits of Cloves for Hair?

Revitalizes dull hair and gives volume to the hair!

One of the most annoying things that appear especially in thin and oily hair is dull, dull and voluminous hair.

Increases the amount of hair!

New hair formation and replacement of lost hair is a condition that is possible by keeping hair follicles (hair follicles) healthy and intact. If the hair follicles are worn and damaged, it is not possible to wait for new hair formation. For this reason, care can be made by taking advantage of the antibacterial feature of cloves, and the hair follicles are cleaned and aired. In this way, the follicles regain their old health and new hair formation is possible.

It is good for hair loss!

There may be more than one reason for hair loss. Seasonal changes, inadequate and unbalanced nutrition, vitamin deficiency, stress, shock diets, chemical products applied or the care products you use are among these reasons. As hair loss increases and continues, it can become quite annoying. Therefore, to prevent this problem from the beginning, you can use cloves to care for your hair, reduce and stop shedding.

It allows you to have healthier and shiny hair!

Brushing your hair regularly and benefiting from clove cures will help you have healthier and shiny hair. It will be healthier to use brushes with natural bristles instead of plastic brushes.

It takes the electrification of the hair and makes the hair strands smooth!

Everyone is happy to leave the hairdresser with blow-dried, smooth-looking hair. Although it is quite easy to prefer this image instead of electrified hair, it is necessary not to ignore the damage it will cause to your hair over time. Thanks to the care cures you will make regularly using cloves, you can eliminate this electrification and get smoother hair.

Refreshes your hair!

If you have used many cosmetic products that promise you more vibrant hair and still can’t get the result you want, you should try caring with cloves. You will not be wearing out your hair follicles with chemical products, and you can make your hair look more lively with a natural product.

Increases the growth rate of your hair!

Clove supports the formation of new hair as it cleans the scalp and breathes, and it also increases the rate of hair growth.

With a balanced and regular diet, regular clove cure applications shorten your vision time.

Repairs split ends!

Hair straighteners, curling irons, blow dryer, sun, dye and various styling chemicals cause the ends of the hair to break and gain an unhealthy appearance over time. Regularly applying clove cure helps to heal broken hair ends. However, you should definitely take care to moisturize your hair, be careful when using heat styling products, and if possible, use a heat-protective product before using it.

Strengthens hair roots!

Having healthy hair follicles is the basis for your hair to grow faster, to form new hair, and to have healthier and shiny looking hair. If your hair follicles have lost their health and are worn out, the result you get will not make you happy no matter how much you care. Caring for your hair roots regularly with cloves cleans the scalp, makes the hair roots breathe and strengthens it.

Severe itching that appears suddenly on your scalp can be a sign of fungus. Therefore, you should be very careful and not neglect your maintenance. Since clove has antibacterial properties, it disinfects the scalp and hair follicles and prevents the formation of fungi.

It meets the oxygen need by allowing your hair roots to breathe!

Protection of hair follicles, hair growth, stronger and shiny hair depend on strong and healthy hair follicles. The health of the hair root also depends on its breathing. Regularly applied clove care helps hair follicles to breathe.

Helps the hair to take shape more easily and quickly!

Thanks to the regularly applied clove cures, your hair’s moisture needs are met. Hair with sufficient moisture will have a softer and easily shaped structure.

How is clove cure prepared?

Materials you need:

20 cloves 1 glass of water An empty and clean spray bottle

After boiling 1 glass of water, put 20 cloves in it, close the lid and brew for minutes.

Put the cooled clove cure in a clean spray bottle, spray your hair roots liberally, then massage and apply to all your hair. You do not need to do any rinsing after this step. Clove cure does not need rinsing as it does not have an irritating effect as in care oils. If you need to wash your hair, you should wash it at least 3 hours after applying the cure.

It will be beneficial to apply this cure regularly 3 times a week.

How to apply clove cure for heavy spills?

20 cloves 1 glass of water An empty and clean spray bottle

Hair loss, especially seen in men, can be more aggressive. For this reason, the way of preparing the cure is slightly different from the other. After boiling 1 glass of water, put 20 cloves in it, close the lid and boil it on low heat for 15-20 minutes. After boiling, put the cloves in a glass jar with a lid without removing it and wait for it to cool. Put the cooled clove cure in a clean spray bottle, spray your hair roots liberally, then massage and apply to all your hair. It will be beneficial to apply this cure regularly 3 times a week.

How to cure clove oil?

10 drops of clove oil 2 tablespoons of olive oil 5 drops of lavender oil 

After mixing clove oil, olive oil, and lavender oil in a glass bowl, apply it to your cleaned hair follicles. Massage with your fingertips. After wrapping your hair with a shower cap, wait 2-3 hours and rinse your hair with shampoo.

How to prepare cold clove cure?

1 tea glass of cloves 1 liter of water 1 liter glass jar with lid

After putting 1 liter of drinking water and 1 tea glass of cloves into the glass jar, place it on the ground and leave it for 1 day. At the end of a day, your clove cure is ready. It will be enough to put this water in a clean spray bottle and apply it to your hair roots and all your hair every other day.

How to make a hair mask with clove oil?

2 tablespoons of coconut oil

After mixing coconut oil and clove oil, apply it to your hair follicles and then to the entire hair, then massage and cover your hair with a cap.

It is enough to apply this mask once a week.

In order to accelerate the blood flow in your scalp, you can apply a few drops of clove oil to your hair roots with your fingertips and massage, wait for half an hour and rinse. You only need to apply it once a week.

How to make clove oil at home?

250 ​​ml pure olive oil
250 grams of cloves

After adding 250 ml of olive oil to a glass jar with a lid, put the cloves and close the lid. . Put it in a sunny place and leave it for two weeks. Shaking gently once or twice a day will suffice. At the end of two weeks, place the jar in a saucepan without opening the lid, fill it with hot water and let it heat on low heat. Then you can filter it and start using it.