What are the benefits of cranberry fruit?

These red and sour fruits, which are the size of olives, bring health to those who eat them! These magnificent fruits, which are usually made into sherbet, syrup and marmalade by utilizing their sour taste, are good for many diseases from intestinal problems to eczema. We have examined this special fruit of autumn for you. Here are the health benefits of cranberry!

Destroys pylori bacteria that cause stomach cancer

Cranberry has antioxidant properties that prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Cranberry juice destroys pylori bacteria that cause stomach cancer.

Essences in cranberry juice prevent breast cancer.

Cranberry is also good for cholesterol and heart ailments.

Prevents the occurrence of dental and gingival related disorders.

Cranberry tea is very effective against diarrhea

Cranberry fruit is generally used in the treatment of dysentery and diarrhea. The recipe for cranberry for the treatment of diarrhea is prepared in a traditional recipe. 9 cranberries are mixed with a few slices of pear and hazelnut shells. This mixture is boiled in hot water. Consumed warm, this cranberry tea is very effective against diarrhea.

It is good for intestinal parasites and gout

A mixture made using cranberry fruit or cranberry leaves It is good for eczema-like skin diseases, intestinal parasites and gout. To make this mixture, crush 50g cranberries in 250ml of food and beverage alcohol. Let this mixture rest for 15 days and strain it. After 15 days, when the mixture is ready