What are the benefits of kumquat, it has diuretic properties!

Kumquat is a citrus fruit that contains a lot of vitamin C. It is similar to tangerine in appearance, but there is a big difference between it and other citrus fruits. Kumquat is eaten with its peel. The benefits of this fruit, which is very necessary to protect the body’s defense mechanism, do not end with counting. This minnosha, which is mostly grown in East Asia and China in the world, is mostly found in places where the Mediterranean climate is dominant and in Rize in our country. If you want, you can grow this fruit yourself at home!


Like every citrus fruit, it is a delicious vitamin C store, so it strengthens the immune system.

The antioxidant property, which develops thanks to the power it receives from vitamin C, also helps us a lot in protecting us from diseases.

By supporting the regular functioning of the digestive system, it copes with digestive system problems such as nausea, loss of appetite and indigestion.

This effect on the digestive system also helps it act as a diuretic.

Containing high levels of vitamins A, B1, B2 and B3, with its small size, kumquat helps strengthen our nervous system with these vitamins.

Since the nervous system works regularly and healthily, this pet also eliminates problems such as stress-induced headaches and insomnia.

Kumquat, which comes to the aid of those with high cholesterol, lowers high cholesterol and reduces cholesterol. It provides relief.

The fruit, which has the same effect on blood pressure, is a remedy for those who have high blood pressure problems.

Although it is hard to believe, since it contains calcium, it does not hesitate to support dental and bone health. .

As this fruit, which can show antiseptic properties, can kill microbes, it also contributes to the healing process for minor food poisoning or insect bites.