What are the ways to prevent cystitis, be careful with your underwear!

Did you know that choosing the wrong underwear causes cystitis, which is mostly seen in women and is popularly known as urine reflection or urinary tract infection? Here’s what you should pay attention to!

Cystitis, which is mostly seen in women and is known as urine reflection or urinary tract infection among the people, is a health problem caused by bacteria entering the urinary bladder and multiplying there. The use of unhygienic toilets, keeping urine for a long time, low water consumption, keeping the genital area moist and the underwear used are among the most effective factors in the formation of cystitis, which usually increases in the winter period and becomes the fearful dream of women. Growing rapidly in the underwear industry with its quality and healthy product.

The best choice is cotton fabrics

Cotton fabrics are one of the most preferred fabrics in underwear due to their natural and healthy structure. Cotton fabric that traps moisture thanks to its absorbent and breathable texture; It prevents the formation of many diseases such as cystitis by preventing the formation of bacteria, microbes and infections. The type of fabric that provides air flow to the skin thanks to natural fibers, keeps the heat outside of the body especially in summer months and keeps it cool, and also prevents moisture formation on the skin caused by sweat. Stain-proof and easy-to-clean cotton fabrics provide more hygiene than other fabric types. Cotton products, which are resistant to frequent washing and can be used for many years, also offer comfort and convenience with their softness.

Pay attention to tight underwear

Make your clothes more comfortable. Tight underwear, which is preferred to look nice, can become dangerous for health after a while. Tight underwear, which prevents air circulation in the skin and causes moisture to be trapped in the skin, paves the way for the formation of bacteria and infection in this area. Germs and bacteria, especially in the genital area, accumulate in the urinary bladder and cause many diseases in the urinary tract, especially cystitis. On the other hand, too tight clothes can cause skin problems such as redness and irritation. For this reason, when choosing underwear, the right size choice should be made and products that are too narrow should be avoided.

Prefer reliable brands

Lingerie that is in direct contact with the skin When choosing products, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to their quality and health. Azo dyes, which are used in the production of colored products and contain carcinogenic substances, should be avoided. Care should be taken to choose products that do not use harmful chemicals and that pass the azo test. For this reason, you should shop from reliable brands and the materials used in the production of the products should be researched.