What causes odor on the scalp? Herbal solution to scalp odor

Many people have an odor even though I wash my hair, what can I do? If we can’t get rid of the bad smell of the scalp even after all the shampooing process and washing we have done, there are some natural methods that we can apply. So, how can we get rid of the odor on the scalp that bothers the person and is worried about the people around him? As, we searched for the answer to this question for you.

What are the Causes of Scalp Odor?

Weather conditions can also affect the smell of the scalp, as well as the odor of the washed hair. Factors such as not being dried well, overexposure to the sun and sweating, and hair care products used can also cause a odor on the top of the hair. Another reason for the smell emanating from your scalp may be based on your skin type. The hair of people with oily skin absorbs strong and bad odors more easily. Acne formation is also more common in people with this skin type.

If You Wash Your Hair Everyday

Even if you wash your hair often, even every day, you can have an odor problem on the scalp. you can live. If the hair you wash and leave in the morning smells bad before evening, it may indicate health problems. In fact, this problem may increase in hair that is washed every day.

How to Prevent Smell on the Roots of the Hair?

Using lemon and vinegar to get rid of the bad odor on the scalp with a natural method you will be. Squeeze the juice of two lemons into a glass of water, apply it to your scalp, wait, then wash it off. Apple cider vinegar also cleans the hair naturally. Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to two glasses of water and wait for a few minutes, then wash your hair with cold water.

  • Compressing the hair carefully several times a day helps to keep the hair healthy and remove excess dirt from the skin.
  • You can benefit from a fragrant, no-rinse care product that you can apply to your hair.
  • Olive oil also contains vegetable fatty acids, and these acids neutralize the formations that cause bad odor in the hair.