What is Da Hong Pao Tea, What Are Its Benefits?

The best quality tea in China and the most expensive tea in the world, “Da Hong Pao” is known as “red cloak tea” in Turkey. Its taste is as legendary as its quality.

Due to its high quality, it is offered to foreign guests by high-level government officials in some countries, especially in China. It is rare and unique. It is the most precious part of the collections of tea lovers. It is among the famous oolong teas of China. Known for its long history and royal reputation.

We’ve compiled everything from the history of Da Hong Pao tea, which deserves such praise, to its etymology, stories and brews! You should check your budget before drinking it!

What is Da Hong Pao Tea?

Da Hong Pao is located in the mountainous Wuyishan (Wu Yi Mountains) region of Fujian province, China. It is a grown rock tea. The best teas in the world are grown in this region. The best is Da Hong Pao! Also known as “Wu Yi rock tea”; because its minerals give the tea a rocky taste.

Traditionally, it is obtained from the tea plant “Camellia Sinensis”. Different kinds of teas are obtained from this plant by various processing methods. These teas, obtained by various fermentation methods, are known as the most valuable and delicious teas in the world. Among these teas, the highest quality and most expensive is Da Hong Pao.

The sprouts from the original “Camellia Sinensis” plant are used to produce genetically similar tea types. Various flavor variations are produced by processing. Differences in soil quality and location of plants grown in recent years classify the quality of Da Hong Pao teas.

Da Hong Pao is typically a type of “black oolong” tea. It is an oxidized or fermented tea. Its flavor is also linked to this process, which is allowed to oxidize. It is 40 percent, that is, semi-oxidized. Its dark green leaves give it their brownish hue. The main ingredient of the tea is essentially the long twisted shoots that are tightly wound. These shoots used in tea are young shoots with well-grown buds.

The flavor of Da Hong Pao comes from the minerals that rain water snatches from the mountains.

Typically only considered authentic when grown in their region of origin or homeland.

This legendary tea is available in dozens of teahouses in the riverside Wuyishan region in the south of China. Many families have been in the tea business for generations. They go to the mountains every spring. They pray to the tea god Lu Yu for the crop to be good!

What are the Benefits of Da Hong Pao Tea?

China’s legendary tea, Da Hong Pao, is a tea with medicinal benefits. Its name is mentioned among medicinal teas. In history, its benefits or healing have been the subject of various rumors. Many stories contain information about Da Hong Pao’s healing from incurable diseases.

Although the information about these healing needs to be confirmed, scientifically, the potential benefits of the beneficial substances in its content are taken into account.

For its health benefits, usually medium or low quality Da Hong Pao forms preferable. Many of the benefits of tea come from its polyphenol content, a natural antioxidant. It is also an important source of vitamin C.

Let’s take a look at the potential benefits of this unique oolong tea;

Improves digestion: A hot cup of Da Hong Pao tea is not just comforting.It makes stomach processes better and faster; It helps keep the stomach healthy. At the same time, it facilitates the process of absorption of nutrients by the intestines and elimination of waste.
Helps to lose weight: It is possible to increase the metabolic rate by consuming tea regularly. Thus, a step is taken to lose excess weight. Drinking this tea along with healthy foods helps to get rid of belly fat and other waste materials. In addition, the caffeine in tea provides an energy boost for regular physical exercise.
Supports heart health: The polyphenols in tea reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. This helps improve heart health. It can stop the development of coronary heart disease by preventing the formation of plaque on the artery walls. Since it is a moderately caffeinated tea, it is recommended for those with heart disease to consume it with the advice of a doctor.
Provides mental alertness: This Chinese oolong tea contains caffeine, which can help you stay alert and focused all day long. Caffeine in tea slowly enters the bloodstream; thus, it provides energy for a longer period of time compared to the energy taken from coffee.The antioxidants in tea, which contain minerals and vitamins that provide resistance against diseases, improve the immune system. It acts as a protector against viruses or bacteria that can cause diseases. It is also stated that – although more research is needed – it may help prevent cellular damage that causes cancer. The antioxidants in its content support the body to fight free radicals that cause tumor development.
Provides a healthy skin: The antioxidants in this tea are essential substances to counter the effects of premature aging. Consuming it regularly can help remove dark spots, roughness and wrinkles on the skin. The tea is claimed to help reverse the aging process; because its high amount of antioxidants are effective against environmental stress and pollution that can damage the skin. It is important to consider in this sense whether the tea is obtained mainly from young buds or older leaves.Although caffeine is beneficial for many people, it can also cause unwanted side effects. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you may experience headaches, irritability and difficulty sleeping. You can choose to drink less or not drink before bedtime. Caffeine content can also pose a risk for pregnant and lactating women!

How to Prepare Da Hong Pao Tea?

What is Da Hong Pao Tea, What Are Its Benefits?

Day Recommended to be drunk before two meals, Da Hong Pao is a high quality tea that is very easy to brew. A great tea can be made with a few simple methods.

Traditionally, Da Hong Pao tea is brewed in a small teapot made of “yixing” clay or in a boat-shaped vessel called “gaiwan”, a part of Chinese culture. Using small pots for this tea requires brewing per cup. The most ideal tea is obtained with these small cups.

Serve your tea in white cups so that you can see its color fully.

First of all, let’s share the following information about Da Hong Pao tea;

The temperature of the water to be used for tea should be between 90 and 95 degrees.
Approximately 250 ml of water is sufficient for one cup.
1 to 2 teaspoons of tea is required for each cup of water.< br/>Infuses fast; The brewing time is 1 to 2 minutes.
The leaves used can be brewed again.
It is not drunk with milk.
Sweeteners such as honey or sugar can be used.

How is this legendary tea brewed?

Put the tea plant in a small teapot.
Pour hot water on the leaves to rinse the tea quickly.
Wait for about 5 seconds and then pour the water out.
The purpose of this procedure is to open the leaves, that is, to prevent them from coming together.
Pour the water prepared at 90 to 95 degrees into the teapot or container.
Because it is brewed quickly, a timer can be used to keep the brewing time.
About 1 minute is enough for the first and second brewing .
Add 30 seconds to 1 minute to the brewing time to get the same taste with each additional brew.
A good quality Da Hong Pao tea can be brewed several times.
To brew again, the water and leaves in the container must be completely emptied .

A beautiful tea with bright orange color is obtained as a result of brewing.

The first time you taste this tea, it feels light, fruity, slightly bitter and acidic. It leaves a smooth taste in the mouth for a long time.

Note: Da Hong Pao tea; It is a delicious drink with grilled meat, grilled fish and chocolate desserts!

The Most Expensive Tea in the World

Da Hong Pao is known as the most expensive tea in the world. In its original form, high-quality Da Hong Pao tea, obtained from the leaves of aged bushes, is 30 times more expensive than gold. One pot of the legendary tea, which costs 1400 dollars per gram, costs about 10 thousand dollars.

According to this calculation, it costs $1.4 million per kilogram. However, in many sources, it is recorded that its kilogram is 1.2 million dollars. Although there are sources with a sales price of 1 million 25 thousand dollars, it will be enough to say how valuable tea is, to say that it is generally sold between 1 and 1.5 million dollars in various periods. So we’re talking about million dollar tea. With this price, it has gone down in history as “the most expensive tea in the world”.

Why is a tea so expensive? The original Da Hong Pao tea is made from aged tea plants or bushes.

This new generation tea can be found in the market at more affordable prices. So, the million-dollar Da Hong Pao is a product of the bush that has stood for several centuries.

There are multiple factors that increase the price of this legendary tea. The reasons why tea is “the most expensive tea in the world>” are as follows; Obtaining it from aged shrubs, the difficulty of the applied methods, the special processes in the production processes and its rarity… As a result of these factors and of course due to its reputation, it finds buyers at astronomical prices. It is also necessary to note the high cost of its production. According to the tastes, its taste is worth its price!

The effect of its rich aromatic content is undeniable among the reasons that make this tea so special and expensive. This tea is obtained from the hairy buds and one or two leaves of the mother plant. These leaves are tightly rounded and have a greenish-brown color. Rich orchid aroma and long-lasting magnificent taste are characteristic features that make tea of ​​high quality and expensive. Of course, with the words of those who know the taste of tea…

The original Da Hong Pao tea is expensive due to the scarcity of the main plant from which it is obtained.

Since it is a rare and expensive tea, there are intermediaries between the producer or the seller and the buyer.

There are many stories about Da Hong Pao’s wages. For example, in 1998, a rich man was paid about $25,000 (156,800 yuan) for 20 grams of tea. In 2002, 28 thousand dollars (180,000 yuan) was paid for 20 grams of tea.

It is possible to find Da Hong Pao tea at affordable prices in Wuyishan region. Medium quality Da Hong Pao tea retails for $100 per kilogram. It is also possible to find low quality teas at more affordable prices.

It is a tea served by leaders in various countries, especially to their foreign guests. In some cultures, dignitaries present it to their guests as gifts. Da Hong Pao is a symbol of prestige for the host, especially on the tables as the rarest drink of the meals given to honored guests.

The Stories of Da Hong Pao and the Etymology of His Name

The most expensive tea in the world must of course have a historical richness. It should definitely be included in the authentic legends of China, which is the first country that comes to mind when it comes to tea. Da Hong Pao has a rich history in this sense.

Local people liken tea to a beggar in appearance. Some believe that tea carries the heart of Buddha. They attribute its expensive price to the emperors.

In some sources, it is stated that it was discovered during the Song Dynasty, which was overthrown in 1279 and ruled in China for 319 years. However, it usually refers to the period of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), which was established after this dynasty.

It is said that the Ming emperor sought this tea for many of his men because of its healing; because he believed that he had cured his mother’s illness. Legend has it that the emperor’s men found the mother plant of Da Hong Pao in 4 tall bushes on a rock in Wuyishan.

Of course, in this part of the story, there is no clear information about how Da Hong Pao tea is obtained. However, the continuation of the rumor tells about the event that gave the tea its name. The Ming dynasty emperor sent large red robes or cloaks to cover them in order to protect these 4 bushes. Because of these dresses draped over the bushes, it was called “red cloak tea“.

According to a rumor in Chinese mythology, an old emperor gifted a “red robe” to those who brought it as a sign of gratitude for this tea, which he saw as a miraculous medicine.

The scholar, who wanted to go to the capital to take the imperial exam, fell seriously ill. Buddhist monks drink a local tea and force the scholar to stay at the Tian Xin Temple to heal. However, the scholar is determined to go for the exam. Some say that the scholar is “the best” for this exam; Others think that he is the only one who will pass the exam. The scholar gives a large red cloak to cover the tea bushes to thank the priests for the tea that healed him.

Which of these narrations is not true; however, the common point of the stories is that tea provided a unique healing at that time. It also emerges from these stories that tea bushes were harvested for medicinal purposes by monks a few centuries ago and used to make medicinal tea.

Tea known as “Big Red Robe” in English; In various countries, it can take names such as “red hood”, “big red robe”, “big red dress” or “big red cloak”. It is known as “red cape tea” in Turkey.

How Is Da Hong Pao Tea Made?

The quality of Da Hong Pao is the result of a long and difficult process from harvesting to cooking.

The “best tea in the world” is obtained as a result of the following processes;

High quality varieties of this tea are harvested by hand for only a few days a year.
They are then spread and left to fade in the sun. This process initiates the evaporation and oxidation of water.
The leaves are mixed for further oxidation. This process removes the bitterness and balances the flavor of the tea leaves.
The leaves are rested as oxidation takes place. In this process, it oxidizes by 40 percent.
As the cell structure of the leaves deteriorates, it begins to turn from green to red.
This transformation gives the tea a fruity and flowery flavor.
Then the leaves are then cooked in a hot pan. pressed and cooked. This step stops the oxidation, thus resulting in a typical oolong tea.
The last step for Da Hong Pao tea; It is the process of roasting tea leaves on traditional charcoal or modern electric stoves.
The long post-processing gives the tea a smooth, smoky and fruity flavor.

Do You Know?

Tea brewing in China has been considered an art for nearly 1500 years.
Tea brewing and tasting tables are located in teahouses in the Wuyishan region.All teas are obtained from the seedlings of the mother tea plants.
The number of teas produced from the mother plant is low and in high demand. For this reason, they are expensive.
Da Hong Pao, a tea loved by the British, has also been a part of espionage activities in history.
Robert Fortune, a British botanist, founded Wu Yi in 1849 through a company in India they were trying to colonize.
Robert Fortune entered China in disguise and collected the seedlings and seeds of Da Hong Pao tea in Wuyishan, transported it to India, where it was blended with local teas and produced it. .
In recent years, some companies and collectors around the world have been investing in expensive teas such as Da Hong Pao.
It is a type of tea that is rapidly becoming popular in Western countries. Its popularity is steadily increasing.
A few of the original, aged tea bushes that have stood for decades are still alive today. In fact, tourists visit these historical tea gardens. , is obtained from tea bushes grown from clippings or parts of these ancient tea plants.
This new generation tea bush, which is called “cub bush”, produces tea of ​​a certain quality; but Da Hong Pao tea from aged bushes becomes more expensive than gold.