What Is Good For Constipation?

A daily life Nutrition is an issue that many people do not pay attention to. Those who have a busy business life or daily work often cannot follow the regular eating and drinking rule. The body begins to give a number of signals along with the diet that is not paid attention to. Stomach ailments, which are frequently seen today, and indirect digestive problems are among these complaints.

To be more specific, one of the most common examples of digestive disorders is constipation. Constipation, the causes of which can be very diverse, can be easily eliminated as a result of a few minor changes in the diet. It is a precaution.

If you are already constipated, you can get rid of this complaint by consuming certain foods frequently.

The first of these is water.

Water, which provides the necessary minerals for the body, enables the digestive system to work better and regularly. The water to be consumed before any food in the morning also helps the intestinal activity that needs to be done throughout the day. Even if the tea, coffee or fizzy drinks drunk during the day are liquid, water should be consumed externally. While the amount that a normal person should consume is 2 liters, those who experience constipation should drink at least 2.5 liters of water.

Fruits, which have nutritional fibers, are also foods that are useful for constipation. Consumed, but not excessively, fruits help digestive activities. It is not recommended as it will cause excess gas. The fruits can be consumed as dried, or the juice can be drunk by squeezing. Except for the acidic ones (as it will be harmful to those with reflux and gastritis), the juice of every fruit is beneficial. Especially fruits such as plums, grapes, figs, apples, pineapples and bananas both create a feeling of satiety and are very beneficial for digestion.

Like fruits, legumes, which are also rich in fiber, also help digestion. . Beans, kidney beans, chickpeas or lentils to be consumed at least 3 times a week will soften your intestines and allow you to go to the toilet more easily.

Among these vegetables that can be consumed even without cooking, there are cabbage, artichoke, spinach, curly arugula. Broccoli, which is known to be very rich in fiber, should not be consumed too much because it causes gas.

Bread we consume, as well as the food we eat, is of great importance for the digestive system. Bread, which should be consumed for the digestion of stomach acids, should also be made with wholemeal, rye or corn flour.

In addition to these foods, tea made with a mixture of natural herbs can also cure the constipation problem experienced. Plants such as fennel, flaxseed, and senna have proven to be very beneficial for the digestive system. Teas created by boiling these herbs separately or together are good for constipation. These teas should be prepared naturally rather than ready-made ones.

It is more beneficial to stay away from things that can cause constipation, as well as consuming foods and drinks that are good for constipation. You can prevent constipation by avoiding foods containing animal fats and undergoing various processes such as fast food, eating small meals, and chewing food too much.