What is good for kidney stone? Increases in summer!

One of the most common health problems is kidney stones. According to the studies, insoluble substances in the urine in the summer months pave the way for the kidney stone problem. Underlining that special attention should be paid during the summer months, 7 effective methods to remove kidney stones.

Drink Plenty of Water!

Consume at least 2 liters of fluid a day. It is ideal that the fluid consumption is water-based. Excessive consumption of products such as coffee and tea can trigger stone formation by increasing the amount of a substance called oxalate, which is found in most of the stones. There are many publications showing that carbonated and cola drinks also increase stone formation.

Consume Fresh Lemon!

Fresh lemon or its juice reduces stone formation due to the citrate it contains. Citrate is a substance naturally found in our urine and prevents stone formation. Therefore, consuming lemon is very beneficial for stone disease. Take care to consume lemons by squeezing them into salads and soups.

Reduce Salt Use!

Salt facilitates stone formation by increasing the excretion of calcium, which is present in the majority of kidney stones, from the kidneys. Avoid consuming excessive salt. Do not add salt to your meals or even your buttermilk. You can also protect yourself from other diseases such as blood pressure and heart diseases by consuming as little salt as possible.

Make Exercise a Habit!

Scientific studies show that inactivity invites diseases. In addition to its general health benefits, regular exercise is necessary to prevent kidney stones. There are many publications that exercise and being at an ideal weight reduce stone disease. Especially in hot summer months, since the desire to move may decrease, it is absolutely necessary to move during the day; Take care to walk regularly and briskly for at least 45 minutes every day.

Make Consumption of Vegetables a Habit!

A diet rich in animal protein increases stone disease . For this reason, you can protect yourself from kidney stones by following a diet rich in vegetables and fiber, low in protein, and relaxing your digestion.

Don’t Exaggerate Fruit Portions!

Fruits and cold drinks in summer it can be very attractive. Moreover, almost 100 percent of fruits such as watermelon and melon consist of water. However, these fruits and their juices contain fructose, which can increase stone formation by disrupting sugar metabolism. Therefore, do not go overboard with fruit consumption.

Attention to Fast Food Nutrition!

Urology Specialist  “Increasing fast-food consumption is thought to be one of the main reasons for the increase in stone disease all over the world with global warming. Since both protein and carbohydrates are abundant in fast-foods, you will have taken both nutrients that are harmful for stone disease together. Therefore, avoid fast-food type foods as much as possible.”

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