What is Teff?

Are you ready to meet teff, the new favorite of Hollywood stars? One of the most powerful sources of protein-heavy, teff is getting ready to end the quinoa fashion. First of all, teff’s word meaning; loss. It deserves this name to the fullest because it is so small that you will never find it when you drop it on the ground, that teff is the smallest known grain of grain in the world. When we look at the history of teff, it dates back to BC. We see it appearing in Ethiopia between 4000 and 1000 BC. The emergence of teff seeds is as interesting as teff. B.C. It is found in the bricks of the Dasur pyramids in Egypt in 3359 BC. When we come to the present day, we can see that teff straw is still used in making adobe in Ethiopia.

It is cultivated only once a year in northern Ethiopia and is seen as a status symbol in this region. Apart from Ethiopia, teff is produced in Canada, America, Uganda, Egypt and Australia. There are three types. These; white, red and brown teffs. As we mentioned, it is a very fine grained, soft and sweet cereal. When you try Teff, you will love its taste, because the most pleasant guest of white and warm winter evenings is chestnut, and red and brown teff looks like hazelnut. It contains a very high amount of iron.

What is Teff?

Considering its Teff content, it is a very strong protein and calcium source. It is also rich in iron and fiber. In short, we can say that he achieves great things for himself. In addition to these, it also contains high levels of magnesium, phosphorus, thiamine and vitamin C. One of its most distinctive features is that it is gluten-free, so it can be easily consumed by celiac patients. It is a very strong source of amino acid intake. It is also very important for diabetics because it plays an important role in balancing blood sugar. It is a type of food that can be easily consumed in terms of balancing insulin resistance. Teff, which is a close friend of the digestive system, has a prebiotic structure. It regulates the system for a healthier digestion and helps to solve the problem of constipation.

Tef, which is a complete heart friendly, regulates blood circulation. One of your favorite features is accelerating metabolism and supporting fat burning. In short, diet-friendly products can sit at the top of your list with peace of mind. It also provides strong protection against cancer, all types of which have become quite common today. It is also protective against blood cancer as it increases the hemoglobin level in the blood. The fact that it is a powerful antioxidant is also a valid reason for you to make room for teff in your kitchen

Teff is used both as flour and You can find it in the form of grain. Both of these must be stored in airtight containers. You can store it in the refrigerator for a long time as long as you comply with the conditions. As for how to consume; You can leaven bread with teff flour, make a salad with teff grain and use it in your meals. You can copy from quinoa, the recipes of which we are more familiar with, and you can also use teff in all the recipes where you use quinoa.