What summer wear combinations, bright pink is very popular!

One of the most beautiful aspects of summer is that it saves us from the gloom of winter and brings us together again with chirpy colors. The importance of colors in combination preferences is so great that it can even affect how you look. Especially if you choose the most popular colors this summer and combine them, you can witness the change. For this reason, we have listed 5 important colors that must be in your wardrobe!

Bright pink

The young name of French fashion, Simon Porte Jacquemus’s designs, we have put our eyes to our hearts for the last few prints. bright pink is the most suitable color for a summer combination that looks luxurious.

Light blue

We have seen sky blue so often in the combinations of Instagram stars and in the collections of fashion giants. which we can now call the indispensable color of a luxury wardrobe.

Lime green

When talking about your favorite colors of this summer, it may sound surprising that lime green is in the top 5, but we call it the influencer effect.


White is not at all from timeless colors. You can choose white, the indispensable color of not only this summer but also every summer, with a head-to-toe white combination for luxurious looks. As with white pieces, dresses are also very popular.