Why do we hiccup?

If the diaphragm separating the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity If it contracts involuntarily, as a result, the larynx area where the vocal cords are located suddenly closes. This causes the person to make a “hic” sound and we call it hiccups. Sometimes hiccups can also occur in the muscles between the ribs. Hiccups are mostly short-lived and can be relieved by a number of methods.

So what causes short-term hiccups?

  • Excessive smoking and alcohol use
  • Consumption of soda and spicy food
  • Eating too quickly
  • Laughing excessively
  • Drinking drinks out of the bottle
  • Speaking too loud
  • Swallowing too much air
  • Consuming too hot or too cold liquids
  • Stress and emotional problems

How can you relieve short-term hiccups?

  • You can swallow a teaspoon of granulated sugar or honey
  • You can chew a few cloves on an empty stomach
  • hold your breath for about 10 seconds, then slowly exhale.This will gradually decrease
  • You can pull your knees to your chest and hug your knees with your hands and stay like this for a few minutes
  • You can put water in a glass, cover your ears with your fingers and drink this water with a straw
  • You can put water in a glass, one inside, one outside. you can place each straw in your mouth and drink the water in as big sips as possible
  • You can put a glass of water on the table and sit on a chair and try to drink the water without using your hands
  • You can swallow a teaspoon of salt and then drink a small amount of water. While doing this, you should be calm and breathe slowly
  • You can observe how many seconds your hiccups repeat and you can cough just when you are about to hiccup
  • You can wait for a while without worrying about the hiccups. Some hiccups will go away on their own after you wait for a while
  • You can breathe in and out of a paper bag
  • You can drink a glass of ice cold water quickly
  • You can drink lemon juice or vinegar
  • You can use a sedative or a sedative as per the doctor’s recommendation. You can also use muscle relaxants.Because hiccups that last for a long time can be a sign of other ailments.

Long-lasting persistent hiccups can be a sign of what disorders? Chest diseases such as pneumonia and fluid collection between the lung membranes
Stomach cancer, intestinal obstruction, liver tumors and abscesses
Digestive system diseases
Reflux disease
Heart related diseases such as heart attack, excessive heart enlargement disorders

What You Should Know About Hiccups

People with frequent hiccups cannot sleep, eat comfortably, and their social life may be disrupted.
If mothers feed their newborn children unbalanced and unconsciously, these children may also have hiccups. As a result of giving too much milk or formula at once, the baby’s stomach expands suddenly and the peritoneum on the stomach is irritated, causing hiccups.
If the hiccups do not stop, simple methods are used first.If it still does not go away, the person should definitely go to the hospital.
The accumulation of gas in your stomach can also cause hiccups.
The reason for your hiccups may be psychological. For this reason, try to relax, think positively and breathe deeply.
Remember that there is no 100% cure for hiccups. For this reason, you should try simple methods by making sure that they will not harm your health, but you should definitely see a doctor for persistent hiccups.

Important: The information in this article is in no way therapeutic, please consult your doctor for your health problems.